Weak Link

(A/N This was originally done as a writing exercise. I used the idiom "weak link" as a basis for a story. This is the result and is the first original story I've written. I hope you enjoy it and while I would love to hear you're opinion please do not simply flame. I love writing and hope other people enjoy reading my work. I am not sure if I will continue this story so for now I will leave it, but if you would like me to please let me know. Sorry for such a long A/N.)

David sighed he had once again disappointed father only getting an A- on the test instead of getting an A+. His father wanted nothing, but the best and David disappointed him. From getting a low test score to not getting on the varsity basketball team David always proved to be the weak link of the family.

His older brothers were thriving at college and his father was always talking about how well they were doing. Both were excelling in sports and still acing every single test. Where other parents would be amazingly proud of their son getting A- on such a big test his father was only disappointed. That's all David was a disappointment. Never meeting the expectations his father had for him. Never exceeding his brothers or even getting close to meeting the standard they had set.

David with not only different from them in how well he did in school, but also in appearance. His brothers were both tall with blue eyes and honey blond hair just like their father. David eyes were green and his hair a dark brown just like their deceased mother. He was also shorter than them by at least a foot and while brothers excelled at all spots he was only moderately skilled at basketball.

David wondered if his mother would be happy that he took after her not only in looks, but in his demeanor as well his while brothers were loud social butterflies while he preferred to be quiet and at home. He also wondered if she would have been able to curb his father's demand for perfection. From the little memory he had before she got sick his father softened around her.

To make matters worse both of his brothers not only had tons of friends, but lovely girlfriends as well. David was an outcast struggling to keep his grades up in a way that was completely time-consuming. As for dating David not only didn't have time, but he could never bring home anyone. Not only because of father would probably scrutinize them to death, but because David was gay. And, if father ever learned of his son sexual preference he would definitely be kicked out of the house. He had no friend that would be willing to take him in so David only hope was getting into college and escaping his father.

Lately he had been working hard not for his father, but for himself. He wanted to get as far away from his father and hopefully get a scholarship. That way if he did meet someone he cared for and loved his could tell his father without worrying about having to drop out of school.

He didn't even want to be a lawyer or doctor like his father wanted. He wanted to be a writer something he loved, but had to keep a secret according to father writing silly stories with a waste of time. Unless it was mandatory for school his father didn't want to him to waste time on those sorts of things. David didn't care though words always seem to flow out of him like fine wine and onto the paper as if it were a glass David with counting down the days until graduation so he could escape and pursue what he really wanted to.

David knew things wouldn't be easy. When his father found out his school of choice he'd be furious, but David didn't care. He knew that once at college away from his father's judgmental eyes he would feel freer to make the friend he wanted to make. People who shared his interest not only in writing, but preferring to talk with a small group of friends rather than going to a large party. He knew once he met those people that he could be himself with it would give them power to break things off completely with his father not only getting the courage to reveal his sexuality to his father, but showing that while to his father he might be a weak link he was amazingly strong on his own.