Spend the night awaken
Screaming to the night
Hold your body, shaking
And plow into the fight

Drop your body to the floor
And cut the veins so slowly
Your brain screams, "You deserve more!"
While eyes watch the blood drip so coldly

Fall asleep against the wall
Blood pooling all around
You don't catch yourself while you fall
Because a relief, you have found

You cover up with long sleeved shirts
And write all your problems to never share
You discover that just because you hurt
Nobody will ever have to care

Your friends have all backstabbed you
Your lover is all gone
Your family seems to hate you
As you write Death as a song

Carry on no more, you ask
As you watch your life proceed
You fight the urge of the task
To let your damned thoughts feed

Finally, you collapse
The razor clutched so close
Your only friend, your only relief
The thing you loved the most.

He took all of your pain
Until your very last breath
And that was the very day
You sang your song of Death.