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Chapter 3

"It's too dark, Where's the light?" "What's that noise?" "Where Am I?"

The dark figure sat up, and nearly shouted out with pain. Its head hurt immensely. It reached up and touched its head, found dried blood covering its fur, and almost yelped again, but stopped himself when he felt he wasn't alone. "Who's there?" he whispered. He heard a faint murmur and crawled over to where he thought the noise originated. He grimaced at the sight he saw; a young woman, slashed and torn and bloody, her eyes half closed."Gre- Cough, cough- it's all right G- Cough, cough, I'll say hi to Herald for yo-Cough, cough, cough," Her eyes closed and she stopped breathing. He was unable to believe what he heard. He didn't know her! Yet she knew his name! It was too much for him so he ran off confused, scared, and wanting to die.

Chapter 4

Step, look, trip, step, look, trip, crash. Tero sat up spitting out leaves and dirt. "What I wouldn't give to have Cevin's mechanical eye right now. He could see for miles around with it while watching where he was going with his other eye. And here I am with a pair of binoculars trying to keep a lookout for T.A.L.S. and tripping over every rock and root and dead branch between us and them. I think I even kicked a mouse or something." Tahir was also gaining a new respect for Cevin's eye. With his forflectical senses he should be able to pinpoint their enemies when they got close, but by that point they may have been spotted. Plus, what if one of them was Jornan or Lakrov? They could use forflex too. Worst of all, he was beginning to feel it; an extraordinary dark power. Even at this distance he was feeling chilled at the malice, greed, lust and fear it radiated in forflex. He had to pity those who could use the light powers; how much more abominable the dark powers must be to their senses.

"If you like," Richard replied to Tero, "I could take a turn." And with that, he pulled out an odd device that seemed little more than a pair of opera glasses. They were, in fact, more sophisticated than that, shifting lens sizes and shapes to better see distant objects, and being so small, they were much more ideal than Tero's binoculars. "Show off," Tero grumbled. "You guys get all the good toys." "And you get all the best explosives," Michal stated. "Your point?" "Yes, target spotted." Everyone turned their attention back to Richard. "From where I'm standing, I can see about four of them, three troopers and an elite. They all seem a little too interested in the local dirt and plant-life for their presence here to be a coincidence." "They must be searching for the power source," Tahir concluded, and then added quickly, "How far away are they?" "Hard to say; no more than 150 meters." "Let's go get 'em," Tero said jumping up from the ground. "It's four on four, and we're four of the best." "Let's not rush to conclusions," Michal replied, putting a hand on Tero's shoulder. "Richard only saw four, but there are probably more." "There are." Richard had put the opera glasses back over his eyes and was observing the T.A.L.S. movements. "I just spotted a captain, a couple more troops and Jornan. Or Lakrov; I never could tell them apart."

"Sir." Tahir turned to face Michal as he suggested, "Perhaps we should move around them so as to gain a better vantage point and more accurately estimate their numbers." That certainly sounded smart. Tahir couldn't help feeling that Michal was trying to steal his command though. "Alright, let's go... west-southwest. We should have a good view of them over there." There, that sounded like he knew how to command a squad properly. Tero, Michal and Tahir all started to move in the specified direction when Richard called out, "Hang on a second, you guys might want to hear this first." Halting and turning around, they saw Richard standing like a statue, pale and looking right at them. "It was just a glance, but that blue paint was unmistakable. Starland is personally overseeing this." Tahir couldn't help a slight shiver. Starland, Devios's right hand and one of their most dangerous adversaries.

Chapter 5

Antaro felt wonderful, the simple yet stunning beauty of God's creation amazed him every time. His favorite sensation was the wind blowing in his face as his horse, Jet, dashed through the woods true to his name. He was a simple man; he had never pursued adventure, but when he met Lucia all that changed. He found himself a captain of a squad in spectral, an organization formed by his friend Austin, the one achiever of Spectrum. His taste for adventure sharply turned, and became firm, wanting to be his best for Lucia. He arrived at base shortly, and was ushered in quickly. He walked into the cavern to the briefing room. "You're late Captain Clemen," a deep voice muttered. "Sorry commander, I took the wrong turn again." The commander shook his head sadly. "It's amazing you can take the same wrong turn on a straight path from your house." He chuckled. "But I guess there's no harm done, anyway, now that you are both present I will give you your mission. Our scientists have been able to confirm the appearance of dark energy, it was located near an unstable space flux, but then it vanished. It is safe to assume that the energy was pulled through the flux and is now in a different dimension."

"That's not good, there's no telling what the dark energy will do in a new environment. And the people at the receiving end might attempt to wield said power for their own." Lucia remembered the last time someone tried to control an element; the forest of Kalov was rumored to still be burning. "You and your partner's mission is to go through the flux, retrieve the energy and dispose of all evidence of its existence." "So this is a retrieval mission, yes?"

"Correct captain, you have an hour to prep up and settle things. I expect you both to show up at six a-clock sharp. Dismissed."

As Antaro and Lucia walked away a young lady walked in the opposite direction, passing by them, she averted her eyes away from them both. She then altered course and walked into the cavern. She walked for a while passing the mess hall, the briefing room, and the simulator before finally arriving at the lab. She tried the door, but it was locked. She took a swift look around, and proceeded to pull water out of her cloak and push the water into the lock. She bent over and blew on the water, making it freeze, turned the new key, and unlocked the door. She walked in and immediately found what she was looking for: a computer. She gracefully pulled herself to the desk, and went to work. Before long she found what she was after: the location of the space flux. She reached up and tapped an earpiece, "This is mistress Werim here. I've found the flux; how are things at you're end?"

"Alright mistress, quite alright. The package has been delivered, and don't worry, I packed enough C-4 in that thing to disintegrate a tank!"

"Good, meet with me at point's N7 E3. We'll get that energy no matter what!"