It wasn't enough to take my anchor

It wasn't enough to take my friend

No you couldn't stop at just one love

It was too easy to leave me with anything at all

Who would have thought you'd turn out to be so evil


It's like I turned my head just after you moved

I'm sorry I underestimated you

And I can't believe

That you made them both leave

I thought I had nothing left until you moved again

You took my enemy then you took my best friend

Baby, I guess you won

You wanted something and you got it done

The end


It wasn't enough to betray my trust

It wasn't enough to turn away

When I needed someone to help me

I know about that party

Baby you're so slick

So greasy that you make me sick and


I gave you another chance

Now you and her have got your sweet romance

But she kept me company


You're walking ahead sharing secrets

It doesn't help that I heard them all first

Darling you think you're special?

She'll screw you over as well


I'm just sitting here in shock

Do you think I deserve all I got

Was this

Some kind of revenge


Or was I just standing in your way

Well you pushed me down I got nothing to say

For myself

Cos once again

I couldn't make her stay