This is a poem I wrote about the doomsday theory for 21st December 2012. I hope you enjoy it, please review! :D


I saw a strange man one day,
On the corner of the street.
His hair was long, his beard grey,
He had no shoes on his feet.

"The end is nigh!" His sign read,
Which calloused hands held tightly,
People walked by, shook their head,
Thought he was mad, quite rightly.

"End of the world! Twenty Twelve!"
The man's voice echoed behind me.
I walked on, laughed to myself,
There was no truth to it, surely.

The clock ticked by, days and weeks,
Not much happened in between.
Until one night, I felt an unbearable heat,
I opened the window, and heard a scream.

It was madness, down below,
the scene was quite chaotic.
I leaned out of the fifth story window,
watched people running, fearful and frantic.

My heart skipped a dozen beats,
For I couldn't believe my eyes.
Pandemonium filled the streets,
Mere ants scurrying under the blood red sky.

A roar of noise as a building fell,
Dust swirled and polluted the air.
It was like watching the rise of hell,
I couldn't help thinking how it was so unfair!

The strange man yelled, "I told you so!"
Enjoying his moment of glory.
Then he got swept into a tornado,
So I guess that's the end of his story.

The very stars above were falling,
Crashing into everything in sight,
A city ablaze, disaster reigning,
The Earth was giving up without a fight.

No point running, nowhere to hide,
I accepted my impending doom.
I shut the window, went back inside,
and made my way to the living room.

I don't know why, but I checked the calendar,
And I laughed dryly at the ominous sight.
It read the Twenty First of December;
The bloody Mayans had to be right!