A/N: Just a little something that I came up with in my creative writing class to prove to Aleigha that not all my stuff if a sunshine and rainbows

Just What I Needed

My whistle pierced the quite February evening air. Stretching my arm as far as I could, I tried to get the cabbie's attention, still he passed me by. I huffed and flagged down another one. This one paused and allowed me to get in.

My small carry-on was perched in the seat next to me and I mumbled my destination. The driver tried to make small talk, but I wasn't having it. This week had been tremendously horrible as I try for the cover story at the magazine I work at, but today was over all the worst.

I leaned my head on the chilly glass of the window and thought back to the day's events. First, my flat, err, apartment floods, causing me to be late for work. Then, I miss my deadline by five minutes for the biggest story of my career! My editor fussed at me for that, and then as I was leaving her office, she fussed at me for not being dressed appropriately.

After that fiasco, I finally get some piece of mind as I look for the topic of my next article. But of course, that was short lived. It was my fiancé. Finally seeing the light of the dark, gloomy tunnel, I take the prohibited personal call.

And lo and behold! What do you know?

He's calling to tell me that he's been cheating on me for four months, i.e. right after he proposed to me. Oh, that's not all! Oh not even close, he's leaving me for, not the girl (and I use the word girl because that's exactly what she was) he'd been seeing – Oh no! Why would he do that? – But for the one and only random chick in a bar!

I knew I shouldn't have gotten up this morning.

By the time I arrive at the airport terminal, get through security and get my ticket, the plane is ready to board.

I relax in my first class window seat and pull out my novel. I'll have just enough time on this one way trip to read it. I'll be spending the greatest Valentine's Day of my life in the City of Love.

Perhaps, all things considered, this was just what I needed…