I couldn't feel anything anymore, and I supposed that was a blessing. My chest was soaked with a deep, warm, maroon ink. The edge of my vision was turning black, although the sun was shining brightly into my turtle-shell eyes. I could see people crying and screaming, but I couldn't hear them. What was happening? Who were those people? Who was the woman holding my hand? Who was I? Nothing made sense. I tried to sit up, but my muscles refused to move.

Amazingly, a strained voice filtered through my ringing ears.

"My baby! That's my baby!" The woman clutched my hand tightly in her trembling hands. Using my remaining energy, I shifted my head slightly to gaze at her. She looked like me. Long brown hair reached her elbows, and a defined jaw was the main focus of her tan, tear stained face.

The only things I could see were dim by that point, and I seemed to be looking through a dark tunnel. I watched curiously as my remaining vision faded away. Soon, I was surrounded by peaceful, serene, nothingness.

At least it was, until the images started flashing in front of me.

I was running through a park with some people who I guessed were friends. My lungs were burning in a pleasant way, the spring grass was covered with dew, and birds chirped out their sweet songs. We were smiling and laughing, and we were eating cookies and the boys were climbing trees, and the girls were laughing and sitting by a lamp post. It was fun. I was having fun.

A warm feeling overtook my icy heart. Yes. These people were my friends. An Asian girl sitting next to me began to look somewhat panicky. Other people started to get up, and a few walked away. I looked over my shoulder, and saw that a gang of thugs was approaching us. The boys jumped from the trees and stood in front of the me and the Asian girl.

They were talking, but I couldn't hear what they were saying. The gang leader pushed down one of the boys, and one of the gang members pulled out a black pistol. This is when everything slowed down. Everything seemed like a movie. Like something that never happened to real people. The guy with the pistol shot down two of the boys, hitting them in the legs. They fell to the ground, holding their wounds, gushing blood, attempting in vain stop the bleeding. The Asian girl started running, and I followed closely behind. An explosion sounded behind us, and the Asian girl fell down. She was shot in the back.

I stopped. I wanted to help her. Another explosion, and before I could react, I was lying on the ground.

Blue and red lights were shining around me, and fiery pain filled my whole body. Slowly, my energy was sapped away, and a screaming crowd gathered around me. Someone grabbed my hand, and my vision started going black. I couldn't remember anything, and I couldn't feel anything anymore…