Truth Even in War

Extra Info

Hybrids= a race of people who are born with the ears and tail of an animal.

Noble= a race of people born with normal characteristics. Most Noble families have Hybrid servants. It is required for Nobles to grow their hair out long if they want to be respected.

The red fox of bad luck is said to bring traumatizing events to whoever meets it… There was a book that told of a way to cure the fox of its bad luck but the page that gave the answer to this was lost long ago.

Well it's the middle of the night and I'm stuck with night patrol along with the Snow Twins as well as with a couple others. I was stationed in the middle in case of an ambush by Noble gryphon enchanters or dragon tamers. Ada Snow; one of my best friends is currently stationed next to the barn where the mystical beasts are kept. Zach Snow and his dragon are stationed in the sky seeing as how his dragon has nocturnal vision and sunlight burns its eyes Zach and Ao always have night patrol and early morning training. I sit down on a log next to the campfire, pull out a sketchbook, look up and start drawing the sky that is splotched with clouds, stars scattered about.

"Boo!" I jump involuntarily tossing my sketchpad into the flames and turn to meet a snow leopard Hybrid with long hair giggling at me. "Hi Keiko," She notices my notebook in the fire and her expression changes dramatically, "Oh Keiko I'm so sorry! I didn't think you'd toss your sketchbook into the flames!"

I grit my teeth then sigh, "It's no big deal Ada. I'll just buy another one tomorrow on my break." I sit back down on the log and Ada sits on a stump nearby, "It's not like there was anything good in it anyways…"

"That's not true! You've always been good at art!"

"Anyway did you hear about how Wolfie might get made into a General after we enter the real military? All the trainers are bragging about how she's a prodigy and a born natural leader… She's getting extra attention and practice… She's also been avoiding me…"

"Azreal would never avoid you, maybe she's just too busy," Ada places a hand on my shoulder trying to reassure me.

"I hope you're right." I try changing the subject, "Hey did you hear that a new guy is getting transferred to our training camp?"

"No, where'd you hear that?"

"Some trainers told me about it; said the guy got kicked out of the last three training camps he was in."

"Well that's strange, I don't want someone coming here and throwing us all off balance."

"What I want to know is why they kick him out of each camp instead of the entire program."

"My guess would have to be: A, he's extremely talented as a soldier; or B, he's one of those rich kids who throw a fit whenever he doesn't get his way and uses money to bribe people to get it."

I pick up a stick and start to draw in the sand concentrating as hard.

"What are you doing Keiko," Ada asks raising one eyebrow at me.

"Drawing a diagram of what we know about this boy already," I answer not looking up at her.

"But why are you doing it?"

"Visuals help me think."

"Okay Keiko… whatever helps." The sun starts to rise and we hear Zach's dragon screech in pain from the first beams of the day, which is followed by the large beast landing on the earth next to the Beast Barn.

"Maika Wake up and take your shift, Ada and I have to go help Zach get his dragon's armor off!" I stand up and dash toward the barn as a monkey Hybrid with long brown hair wearing and orange jacket comes out of a tent yawning taking Ada's place. Ada quickly salutes to Maika and receives a salute back from her. Then, with a twist of her foot she sets off after me, catching up quickly.

We reach the barn in impeccable time and see Ada's twin brother dismount his magnificent beast Ao.

"Keiko you go check on your egg. Ada and I can handle Ao," Zach says petting the dragon's forearm.

"Thanks Zach!" I quickly run into the beast barn and over to a stall labeled "Dragon with Egg. Caution Advised." I open the door carefully and enter closing it behind me. "Hey Shokku, how's that egg doing? Are you taking care of it?" I make a bow to my dragon that looks at me for a moment then bows in return excepting my presence in the stall.

I kneel down beside the egg and touch it receiving a small wave of heat flowing from the egg to my hand. Shokku watches me closely making sure I don't steal the egg from him.

"He's doing a great job of taking care of that egg." I turn around to see Azreal leaning on the stall door looking down at me with a sincere smile.

I quickly turn my head around and start to polish the egg, "WH-what are you doing here? I thought you had morning training with Zach?"

"I do, but not until later. I thought I'd check on Shokku and the egg in case you were busy."

"So it was you who would feed Shokku when I was busy?" I jump up pointing at her and spook the golden dragon that pulls the egg away from my feet and under one of his wings. I hear him give me a growl and then step out of the stall. "Thank you for feeding Shokku but he has two stomachs and doesn't need to be fed on time every day. You don't have to keep feeding him for me. Besides it's my responsibility as he is my dragon and he has my egg with him. No one except for me and the trainers are supposed to come near this stall."

"It's alright; I got special permission from my trainers to help with the dragon and egg."

"But you're already so busy Wolfie… I'd hate for it to be a bother."

"It's no bother Keiko. And I'm sorry for avoiding you. I guess I was just a little pissed when you and Kast were entrusted with eggs instead of me…"

"Hey Wolfie, The reason they chose to give the egg to me is because I have a golden dragon. Golden dragons are well known for being loving and loyal. Your black dragon is the exact opposite. She's more suited for fighting than taking care of animals. Now be off or you'll be late for morning training."

"Alright, I'll see you later. Bye Keiko!" She runs off to the other side of camp and I watch her until she disappears behind a tent.