Its past midnight and I fell asleep on the fly home; my head had fallen on to Eve's back.

"Keiko, you're home." Eve looks back at me as I wake up.

Rekishi lands and Eve helps me down from the bird's back then we both help the cow Hybrid down and lay him against the base of the tree outside my bedroom window. I jump into my room through the open window and come back out with a first aid kit, "Take off your shirt and mask so I can dress your wounds."

The Hybrid does so without a fight revealing his short black hair that covers his eyes and I dress his injuries. His back had old scars that I could tell were made by a whip. I stare at his scars and run my hand down his back. "Are you done," The Hybrid asks looking back at me.

"Ah, yes I'm sorry. You must have been through a lot," I explain as I stand up to put the first aid kit away.

"All of us slaves have… There isn't a slave alive that doesn't have a scar," The Hybrid throws his shirt back on.

"By the way, what's your name," I squat down beside him and look him in the eyes.

The boy stares at me for a moment then stares off into the distance, "Don't have one."

"Don't have one huh? Then your name is Ushi from now on!" I smile at him.

The boy just stares at me for a moment but then blushes lightly and smiles, "Such a simpleton…"

I stand back up and lower my hand down to him, "You can use my bed since I don't sleep in my room."

"Thanks," Ushi takes my hand and crawls into my room to go to sleep, "Good night."

"Good night, "I wave until he disappears and I turn to find Eve had already fallen asleep, using Rekishi as a pillow

An idea suddenly came to me and I jumped into my room through the window and return with a sketchpad and pencil. I lay my back against the wall of the house and open the sketchbook to its next blank page and start to draw. I start to fall asleep but continue to draw, determined to finish the image.

Sadly my body was too exhausted to stay awake and I drift off to sleep. The pencil drops from my hand and rolls to the spiral of the book.

Eve wakes up before me and notices the notepad in my lap then picks it up to find I had drawn him while he slept. Eve smiles and returns the book to my lap. "Thank you, It's my turn next time," Eve kisses my forehead and walks off to feed Rekishi.

I wake up shortly after he left and notice he was gone then spazz out hoping he didn't look at my drawing. I quickly close the sketchpad and toss it on the floor in my room. I jump through the window to see Ushi was still asleep then walk through my door; the scent of eggs and milk meets my nose and draws me to the kitchen to find my mother and father cooking together like they always had in the past when I was still a child.

My mother turns to see me, "Oh Keiko, you're awake. Good morning." Mother walks over and gives me a large hug that I wasn't expecting.

Happy to feel the warmth of my mother for the first time since my father left my eyes start to tear up. I wrap my arms around her like a child who had just been bullied.

"Keiko? What's wrong sweetie?" Mother bends down some and wipes the tears from my face.

I sniffle, "I'm just… so happy… that you're back to normal…" I sniffle again then remember that Eve most likely hadn't eaten yet, "Kousuke, can we make some food for Eve too?"

"Keiko, that's your father you're talking to!"

Kousuke interrupts by handing me two plates of food, "There you go Keiko. Go give one to your friend."

I take the plate from Kousuke, "Thanks Dad!" I didn't want Mom scolding me again, "
Oh, and Dad, can you make an extra plate for another guest? He's still asleep but I think he'll be hungry when he wakes up."

"Sure thing Keiko," Dad replies as he puts some more eggs into a frying pan.

I run outside to find Eve with our beasts. "Here Eve, you must be hungry."

Eve takes a plate from my hand and we eat together.

I took a short nap after eating breakfast and Eve played with Mirai until my father came out, "Your name is Eve right? Come with me. I'd like to have a word." Eve stands to his feet and follows my father leaving me asleep.

I wake up to find Eve still playing with Mirai, "Have a good nap Keiko," Eve asks without looking up at me.

I stretch and yawn, "Yeah." All of a sudden I remembered something I promised someone, "Oh hell, Kyle!" I quickly run over to Shokku and jump on his back.

Unannounced, Eve hops up behind me, "Hey Eve!'

"What? Are you really going to leave me here with nothing to do?" Eve smiles at me and I sigh then kick Shokku to let him know he can go.

An hour passed and we finally landed. Our destination was a normal but loud home. I dismount my dragon and head to the front door that looks like it had been drawn on.

I knock on the door hard enough so that those inside could here.

"Come on guys, let me answer the door!" Emyd opens the door with three young lion Hybrids latched on his back, right shoulder, and left leg.

I smile, "Hi Bo, I came to pick up Kyle. Is he here now?'

"Yeah he's here." Emyd turns to face the living room, "Hey Kyle! It's for you!"

"Who is it?" The voice of a young boy comes from the room Emyd was looking into.

"You'll see."

A boy with short, scruffy pale blonde hair and red eyes pops his head out of the room he was in and his human ears lift with his smile when he sees me. The boy runs and tackles me to the ground, "Keiko! You came to see me!" The boy looked like that of a dog whose owner had just come back from a long day at work.

I smile at the young boy and place my hand on his head, "I'm not just here to visit you Kyle. I'm here to take you home. Dad has come back home and Mother is able to care for you now." I didn't want Kyle knowing I was mad at our father so I didn't say his name.

"Really, I can go home now?" Kyle looked up at me so happy to finally hear the words he longed for.

"Yes, you can," I kiss Kyle's forehead then look up at Eve who was just standing behind me.

I push Kyle off of me then stand up helping Kyle to his feet at the same time, "Uh, Kyle this is Eve, he's a new member of the blue block at the War Academy and he'll be staying with us until he and I have to return to the Academy. Eve, this is my kid brother, Kyle."

Kyle didn't go to a real school so he doesn't know about the curse that has possessed Eve, "Hi Eve!" Kyle raises his hand up to Eve.

Eve hesitates to shake Kyle's hand but finally takes the offer.