We finally make it back to the Academy and had safely transferred the Hybrids we saved to central city. All accept that one. I watch Hybrid and Zhìyù play around near Azreal and Alayna.

"That boy would be of great use to us with his medical skills, send all our other brethren to Central City. They'll be safe there," At least that what the captain told us; I wasn't so sure. He didn't seem cut out for a life of war to me. He acts like a child for the most part.

I drop the subject and head to the beast barn to reclaim my gryphon from Emyd, "Bo, you here? I can take Mirai back now!" Instead of being met by my cousin Mirai turns a corner and flies into my arms, "I'm back, Mirai." I hug the baby gryphon who squeaks with happiness.

"She looks glad to see you're back," My ears perk to the sound of Emyd's voice and I smile as he comes out from behind the corner, "Hey coz, and welcome back."

"It's good to be back, Bo." I place Mirai on the ground and give Emyd a hug. "Hey get this, Kast took the crystal egg on our raid and it hatched to a slave that was there. The boy's kind of quiet though. He's outside if you wanna see him."

Emyd, Mirai, and I leave the barn and find Hybrid and Alayna playing with Tsume and Zhìyù while Azreal stood by watching.

Mirai gives a shrill squawk and tackles the much bigger Tsume who doesn't fight back. Mirai squawks in pride and fire escapes from her mouth toward the sky.

"Mirai, no," I point a finger at her and she knew what I meant and didn't blow any more fire as she played with Tsume and Zhìyù.

All of a sudden the intercoms around the entire camp turn on and everyone stops what they're doing and waits for the announcement.

The voice of the captain clearing his throat is the first thing we hear, "Attention all trainees, gather and the assembly section.

Everyone did as they were told but it's not like the camp was all that big; twenty trainees max. The gang: Zach, Kast, Ada, Maika, Alayna, Emyd, Eve, Azreal, Hybrid, and I meet up and sit in the same row of chairs in the middle section and wait for the announcement.

The captain walks onto the stage with a microphone, "I've called you all here to the assembly hall to give you the news that you are all receiving a month of vacation to return to your homes to visit your families and friends. You must all return the first day of the next month. Is that understood?"

Everyone stands to their feet and salutes, "Sir yes Sir!"

"Everyone but the blue block is dismissed."

Everyone looks at each other wondering what he could want with us and then we walk up to the front to meet him.

Azreal salutes him as leader of the blue block, "What is it you want us for sir?"

"Can any of you take Hybrid with you to your home with you? As I'm sure you're all aware he has no living relatives," The captain asks us all.

"He can stay at my place," Alayna steps forward.

"Thank you Albarn, make sure Hybrid doesn't get lost. I know you all live farther than the red block so I'm giving you all and extra two days plus two more to return. You are all dismissed."

We all salute, "Sir, thank you sir!" We all go to pack our things intending to leave the second we were all ready.

I finish packing first and put everything on Shokku's travel saddle, leaving any unnecessary baggage such as Shokku's armor. I pick up Mirai and put her on the saddle, "Don't come down from Shokku's back until I say so." The little bird squeaks in reply and I pet her before going to check on everyone else.

All of a sudden I realize that Eve doesn't have a place to stay and the captain didn't ask about someone putting him up for the month so I head to Eve's tent, which he lived in all alone.

Once I make it to his tent I enter, "Hey Eve, do you want to stay at my place for the month? It's not a very good place but you're welcome… I think…"

"I appreciate the offer Keiko, but I don't want to put your family in danger by letting me stay with you." Eve finishes packing.

"Then where are you going to stay?"

"I've lived in the outdoors for as long as I can remember. I'll manage."

"I sleep in a tree outside of my bedroom window, we could share the tree. It's rather quite big and can hold the entire blue block team without collapsing."

"You really are an odd girl." Eve throws his travel bag over his shoulder and walks out of the tent."

I quickly follow him, "Then at least come to our town then."

Eve stops and turns around, "No one will want me there Keiko, The second they saw me they'd shove me right back out…"

"That's why my house is perfect! It's right on the outside of the town. Only the blue block and Kast's mother show up."

Eve stares at me for a moment before sighing, "I guess you're going to drag me there whether I say no or not…"

I giggle and smile at him, "Yeah, most likely."

Eve smiles at me and then we walk to the beast barn to meet up with the others who had already finished packing and saddling up for the journey.

Everyone gets quiet when they see Eve but the only one who glares is Kast.

As soon as Eve was saddled we set of for the town of Capulet.

We fly for many hours nonstop until my stomach growls. Everyone looks at me and I blush with embarrassment.

Alayna's stomach was the next to grumble.

Everyone laughs except for Eve and Kast. "There's a village up ahead. We'll eat there and head out once we're done," Azreal says as she lands her dragon beside a small restaurant.

We all follow suit and land as well. Alayna and I rush in to order something to cure our hunger. Everyone but Kast and Eve follow quickly after but I didn't take notice until a while after we had started eating.

Two loud thuds come from outside and I quickly run out to investigate followed by Alayna and the others.

My eyes adjust to the sun's rays quickly to reveal Kast and Eve both on the ground. My eyes shift from Kast who was sitting on the ground holding his red cheek to Eve laying down face first on the ground his hand on his cheek as well. I quickly run over to help Eve up while Ada and Zach rush over to help Kast, "What's going on here?" I question Kast assuming it was he who started the fight.

Kast just glares at Eve as he holds his cheek.