Venus and Mars

One is silver

Sleek, elegant, and dazzling to all who see her

The other, bronze

Plain, ugly and curt

She, with her hair a long wave of shimmering golden sun

Fair blushing cheeks, and lips a seductive scarlet

He, with his onyx hair tangled and messy

body covered in battle scars and boasting of his number of

kills, in a voice that makes screeching daggers sound like a symphony

Plain and simple

She, is love

He, is war

She is soft and delicate

He is hard and violent

But how can they ever love one another

With him being so cruel and her being so tender

They should have never crossed paths

She sees visions of angels

He sees blood and steel

But still they meet

He loves the way she feels, cradled in his arms

She loves they way he defends what is right

They can each spend an eternity

Locked in the others embrace

For she has taught him how to love

And only she can disarm him

Their story of love and opposites is one so great

That these epic lovers are forever remembered in the stars

For they are Venus and Mars