Beauty and the Beast

A Prince, with a heart as cold as ice.

Lay cursed for all eternity.

But for the one girl,

That can see the truth,

And love all the same,

Said hellish curse shall take its flight.

But how can you love

A heart that has never known how to love.

Especially, when this cold cruel heart

Lay with in the depths

Of a savage beast.

A beast that is not quite lion of bear

wolf or gorilla.

But a whole new creature,

With fangs and claws

And hair springing forth from every pore

A creature that fills the very night herself with terror.


She can see

The beautiful heart that lies within the beautiful sole.

That heart that beats for love

And yearns to be loved in return,

She can save him from himself.

She can calm him with her kiss

She can dazzle him with her onyx hair and emerald eyes.

She can love him,

For she is Beauty tamer of the Beast.