The sound of plasma scorching the atmosphere could be heard from miles away. Not that the sound was coming from miles away- it was hitting the base, and Grand Admiral of the Fleet, LN, David Redwinch, was in that base. Asaji ships could be seen in the skies- their terribly clean lines interrupted only by the guns that were now incinerating the surface of Earth. It'd been a long war, thought Redwinch. A long war indeed. He sighed, ruminating on the war. The two empires had been relatively even matched at the beginning, in terms of size. It seemed like it'd end in bloody stalemate and a Cold War, until someone developed some terrible new weapon to use. But that was not how it went, not for Redwinch and his fleet, the last of his ships having been destroyed before they even had a chance to leave orbit. Missiles fired into the sky, leaving contrails- fingers lashing out pointlessly against a beast unkillable. Tracer fire filled the air, but slowly, it all went silent, as terrible reprisal came from the sky. Blasts from plasma rolled over Redwinch- he could feel the heat. Railgun rounds slammed into the earth at a tenth the speed of light, with weights in the tons- the Asaji had set up their orbital strike platforms. They wanted Earth for themselves, that was for sure, or else they'd unleash the nuclear weapons. The base disintegrated around him, until he could no longer see because of dirt and debris obscuring the air- the windows were long gone. It seemed they were saving HQ for last- they knew he was here, they wanted to make him suffer, for all the slights that had been inflicted in this hundred year war, spanning the entirety of the 26th century. Humans had been desperate- they almost used their time travel machines, but in the end, the LN decided against it. It was determined to be too great a risk. The one time a time machine was ever used, it was used to kill someone, and no had any idea what effect it had had. It was declared dangerous and banned, and now, humanity was at its end. Redwinch gave a short, tense laugh. So much power, that they could never use. Ironic, because the Asaji had managed to gain a slight technological edge, which allowed them to finally breach the Kupiter Belt and the Red Line. Once they were past Mars, it was all over. Stripped of her resources, Earth's fleets, under the League of Nations, had fought on bravely, but it was a futile effort. The hulks in between Earth and Mars were a testament to that- a floating graveyard, in which the Asaji lost half the ships the Humans did. The slaughter here was even more immense- now everything was lost. The last tracer rounds were silenced by the roar of a 600 ton railgun round, now reduced to a mere 54 tons, slamming into the earth at a speed the tenth of light. The boom was deafening, even from so far away. Anyone who wasn't deaf from the bombardment would be by now. Dirt was thrown miles into the air, if it wasn't vaporized in the impact or turned to blast glass. The round would bury itself miles into the ground before stopping, even breaching bedrock, creating a crater miles wide. Explosions from the ammunition were suppressed by the sheer mass of the thing. The sky turned black, and as superheated air contracted, it let out a boom that would shatter windows, if there any remaining within hundreds of miles. Buildings were flattened in an even greater radius, but they were careful- they wanted to save Redwinch for last. Dozens of these rounds had hit dozens of places, and thousands of bolts of plasma had turned thousands of miles of land into glass, which was then shattered from the railgun rounds. This would have been Redwinch's final sights, had he not been blinded from debris. He could no longer hear, either, and his sense of touch was numb from all of the concussive blasts. He could still smell, and it was awful- the burning of thousands of buildings around him, the millions dead just here- he was sure by now that most everyone was dead, except for him. If only humans had that slight technological edge, this could've been avoided- he could have been directing the bombardment on the Asaji homeworld, he could have been doing this to his counterpart. If only humanity had had one more war, one more something to give humans a burst of technological development. A single year would've done, a decade would've won them the war a year ago. He tried to remember the man who was killed, way back when, when the first time machine was activated. What could have happened, and what did happen, no could have guessed. Redwinch knew not what might be different, but it still annoyed him that he couldn't remember. That one mad man, who was desperate to kill that one other mad man. His name was on the tip of his tongue- this was all that mattered, to remember that one man, before the Asaji killed him. If only, if only, they hadn't killed Adolf Hitler.