So this super short and I do apologize but there is more to come.

This is a story based on my characters Damian, Dimitri, Adrien and John. They star in Dead Rising, NDAM Casefiles, and ShadowStrike and make cameo appearences in OutLanders.

Be warned, this has homosexuals in it, in case you haven't read my other work with these characters in it. Nothing explicit will be happening, this is just their back story.


Project Hellfire.

Project Diamond Dust.

Project Lightning Bolt.

Project Beast Fang.

On paper, this is what we are called. My name is John, I am Project Beast Fang. I am one of four men in a unit now known as the Titans.

We met during the Vietnam War, in 1969. Well, three of us met then, the fourth member of our unit didn't join us for another decade or so, in 1977. Our unit itself would not be formed until after the hell called Vietnam was done with us, in 1975.

After the war, because we had shown such skill, we were chosen alongside 17 other men to participate in the Geneva Project. Of 20 subjects, 9 died soon after experiements began and 6 went crazy and had to be killed. Of the remaining 5, one decided to leave. The four of us who were still around became partners, two and two. Damian and Dimitri were partnered, and I was partnered with a German man named Krauser.

The goal of the project was to create the perfect soldier, a being with increased strength and speed, heightened senses. Overall unstoppable, we became gods on Earth, we became that, however, as so many people forget, we were human. We had hopes and dreams, fears and ambitions. We had hobbies and things we hated to do. We had pet peeves and habits. We had likes and dislikes. Favorite shows and movies we despised. We had pasts, we had futures. We had lives.

This is our story, from beginning to end. This is about the choices we made, good or bad.

Don't get us wrong, we regret some things we have done.

But we do not regret that we said yes.

Before we were Titans, we were men. We were human.

I would like to thank that in the end we regained some of that humanity, became less of the monsters we had became.

But when the dust has settled and the song has been sung, the only one who can really judge us is those who came after us, and those who's lives our actions affected. We leave it to you to decide in the end what to think of us. Were we the heroes? Or the victims? Or the villains?

This was so hard to do because I don't want to give away spoilers! I want this to be a story on its own, as well as a tie in to my others. Grrr. Anything you guys think I should fix/add/change?

Also, in case anyone here plays Final Fantasy, I would like to make clear that Project Diamond Dust has NOTHING to do with Shiva. NOTHING. Diamond Dust is an actual weather phenomenon. Google it, it's actually pretty cool.