"Hello there," Ms. Bosu spoke as Adam and Ashley kneeled on one knee, head towards the floor. "Stand." She spoke as she tossed a manila folder onto her desk. "Take it, read it carefully and follow the directions."

Ashley took the folder and kneeled once more to Ms. Bosu. "Thank you for this mission."

"Yes, yes." Ms. Bosu said as she waved for them to leave.

They left and Ashley opened the manila folder. "So uh, Adam."


"You're my big brother, and I have a brother complex, apparently."

"And what about me?"

"You are overprotective, and lovable!" She giggled.

"Oh gosh," Adam said, chuckling. "how do I act lovable?"

"Act like me!" She giggled. He murmured something lightly and Ashley looked up, giving him a questioning look. "What is it?"

He looked at her. "We need to go to the Wardrobe Block."

She frowned. "Aww, come ooon Adam, that's not what you mumbled! Teeeelll meeee," she whined.

He gave a half smirk. "Nope,"

"Jerk," She elbowed his side and ran to the Wardrobe Block.

He shook his head, holding his side in pain. How was he in love with her? She's bipolar, too energetic, and acts like a child. And not to mention she's weird.

But, she's adorable, fun, and has the most contagious smile. Her laugh, don't even mention it. He argued in his mind.

She popped up. "Adam! Look, we're going to wear uniforms!" She said, twirling the skirt, and grinning.

A dark blush heated his cheeks. "Th-that's cool," he stuttered.

"Come on, Adam!" She took his hand and ran towards the Wardrobe. His cheeks turned a darker shade of red as he looks at their intertwined fingers. Our fingers fit together perfectly, he thought. Her laughter echoed the air and he smiled at her. "We're here! You gotta wear this!" Ashley showed a uniform similar to Ashley's, except they were slacks and a blazer. "Try it on!" Ashley grinned.

He went to change into it and got out. Ashley held her breath and smiled. "I know I'll sound weird saying this, but...how do I look?"

"Strike a pose!" Ashley giggled. Adam shrugged and posed. "You look amazing, by the way!"

"Wh-what?" He said, his cheeks tomato red.

She rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue. "You. Look. Hot. You. Idiot." She laughed and turned away to talk to another agent.

He bit his bottom lip. Someone tapped his shoulder and he jumped slightly. "Oh, Hunter, it's just you."

Hunter smirked. "Everyone knows about your little crush on Ashley. She's pretty...dense." He chuckled.

Adam nodded. "Yeeahhhh..."

Hunter patted his back. "Well, I guess you're in the 'friend zone'."

Ashley turned over to them and waved, jumping up and down, with a huge grin on her face. "Hiiiii, Addie!" She laughed.

"Hey," Adam raised an arm.

She jogged over to them. "We have to get over there soon, on our bikes would be fine, but you know, everything would get ruined, so we're going to the private jet on our bikes, then flying over there, and we're gonna get that apartment room in Sacramento!"

"What now?"

"The giant apartment room in California!"

"Oh," he blushed.

She grinned and skipped outside, still wearing the uniform. He shook his head and followed behind her. She held the helmet under her arm and walked towards Adam. "We gotta share a motorcycle, gas prices." She scoffed.

"Okay," He looked down at his bike. "why don't we use yours?"

"Yours looks cooler," she smiled.

He shook his head and took out the helmet. He then put the helmet on and patted at the seat. "Sit," She sat down and put on her helmet.

"Let's go!" She pointed.

"Directions?" He smiled wryly.

"I'll show you the way," she laughed.

When they got there, Ashley hopped off the motorcycle and took off her helmet, shaking out her hair. She held the helmet and ran up the stairs to the air-conditioned airplane. The worker pulled the motorcycle into the cargo area and Adam followed Ashley into the airplane.

She was already sitting, bouncing up and down rather, in a seat. "I love these rides!" she giggled.

Adam smiled and shook his head as he sat next to her.

"We're going to have loads of fun," she smiled at him.

"As usual," Adam replied.