When I was born, people always said I was destined to do good deeds if I was kept pure and horrific deeds if I was scarred. Can you guess which one happened to me? If you guess the later, you are absolutely correct. I should backtrack for a moment though; sometimes it is good to look back on the past. I forgot to tell you my name didn't I? When I was younger, I was known as Christian Howard but I was mostly called Chris by my parents. School was a different story, I was a shadow, a kid in the background, but Chris Howard has been mentally dead for the longest and he was replace by my darkness, my curse, my only friend was born, yet at the same time my worst enemy was born. This is my life story, all in one piece and not scattered anymore and my lonely path to choose evil and then change to good, the path to redemption, the path to understanding, and the greater good that existed in myself and everyone else. The best place to start is with the act which forever changed my life, the death of my parents. Or is it the worst place to start?