In Eden's Garden lives a young girl. Forever lonely, she spent her time caring for the flowers of the garden; giving them water and speaking to them as if they were her friends. She had a gift as well; the gift to make the flowers bloom and grow with a snap of her fingers. To her choosing, she made flowers of many different kinds grow. The gardens were gorgeous, completely laden with flowers of every colour and smell.

But nobody wanted to come to the gardens to see the girl and the beautiful florae she had caused to grow. It was because of the florets themselves. Bitter was the girl who created them, so lonely from the start and ne'er allowed to leave the gardens, so the plants became bitter. They were beautiful, yes, and smelled ever so sweet, but the flowers had become animated. They grew thorns and hissed and bared unpleasant perfumes to passersby. Nobody came to the gardens to visit the flowers of Eden and the lonesome, contrary girl who created them.

However, one day, a young woman in a silken white dress visited the gardens. The plants attacked the young woman as she approached the girl who fearfully caused vines to snatch the woman's ankles, spider lilies to pull at her hair, and bouganvilla to throw itself against her face. But the woman kept walking toward the girl, tearing through the vines and ignoring the cuts on her face that wept red tears and the rips in her silken dress.