Sparkle sparkle sparkle, lights in the midnight sky. Soft feet dance among them as they twinkle all the time. Silvery grey hair in streams matches the stars in sheen and flow like rivers, weightless in the sky. In her eyes are diamonds that see smoky spheres of terrene. Her dusky tinted dress flows, silky blue marine. Sparkle sparkle sparkle did the lights in the midnight sky.

Someone dances elsewhere, upon the rings of Saturn. Her long hair is darker than black, as dark and cold as space. Her dress hot-coloured yellow and orange with skin as pale as Yemaya's Pearl, and eyes redder than a summer rose lit by the twilight sun. Instead of the sparkle sparkle sparkling stars, she danced with the dust and her dress whipped like fire as she spun.

In the black haired woman's hand was something which gleamed bright. A jewel from which Orion's belt it had once been in sight. She danced upon Saturn's rings with the stolen gem, and the maid of silver wished to send the star home again. Orion must be ill with worry of his dear Mintaka's omitted presence. It was the maid of silver's duty to restore the peace and pleasance.

So, the silver maiden took the black haired woman's arm and took back the taken star, and before Orion and Ursa she brought the woman to seek punishment for the scars. Alnitak and Alnilam wept as their sister returned and for retribution against the black haired woman they yearned. And so Ursa and Orion with Mintaka in his hand, cast out the Saturn dancer and she was never seen again.

The silver maiden cheered and Mintaka shone bright, to show us today that thieving has a bite. The Saturn dancer now lives far far away, ashamed and abashed and won't steal another day.