A latte with a teaspoon of sugar
By Kyrastri/Plusle4eva/DivineScythe

She was sitting solemnly across from me, her teacup cradled in her hands as she avoided by gaze, instead staring at the brown liquid swirl around. Her brow was creased slightly in concentration, her left cheek- my right- puffed in annoyance. It was quite cute, I noted. She would look across the table to me every so often, then her gaze would turn to the road before it would go back to the half-empty tea-cup. Every time her face would remain indifferent, but her eyes always gave her away.

Ah, yes. As I stared silently into those irises, I could almost see what I thought to be sadness, or regret reflected in them. I kept on wondering why. She let out a little sigh and diverted her gaze from my general direction and instead looked across the road. Her expression, once blank, broke into a frown and she quickly looked away, her face hidden in her hands. I reached forward, wanting to reassure her, but at the last moment I hesitated, instead withdrawing again in shame.

I saw a hand fall on her shoulder, and she looked up, fresh tears at the corners of her eyes.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, her voice barely steady. It seemed to be as delicate as she was, unlike that of what I knew. It was almost strange. I remained quiet, observing the interaction between them.

"Here to find you." He gesture at the table we were sitting at. "This is the third time you've been sitting here this week. Same spot, too."


He sighed. "We're all worried for you."

"Don't be." Her tone was almost icy, the warm and cosy atmosphere that the café set dissipating almost instantly. "I've told you already. I'm fine."

He looked disapprovingly at the spot we were sitting at, and then he sighed again. "Fine. I'll keep your word. But if there's anything-"

"That you can do, tell you and you'll do it, I know." Her gaze returned to her cup. "You've said it before."

"And I'll say it again." He motioned slightly at the road. "Have you been yet?"

"Not today, no." She set down the cup.

"Come with me then. I haven't been either." He took her hand and nearly dragged her out of her seat. She grabbed the handle of her bag in time. I watched them go without saying a word.

She turned back as the stood at the gates on the other side of the road, her eyes reflecting the table with one half empty cup and a full one sitting on top before she turned back to the man next to her, taking the small bouquet of flowers and entering the cemetery.