Story Title: Poetry Club - February 2011

Author: Hikari no Vikki

Genre: Life/Poetry

Description: A collection of poems written for my high school poetry club in January 2011.

Author's Notes:

These poems were written during the years I participated in my high school's resident poetry club around the beginning of October 2010. Some months had a lot of inspiration, some didn't. Some poems I just forgot to date. (But they're listed in rough chronological order.) So I decided to put them up here for people to see. I graduated high school on June 4th, 2012, so the poetry club series will only go until about May 2012. Enjoy!

Name's Namesake - 2/10/11

Vivid, they call me.
Interesting, they say.
Careful and dainty,
Tender and mild a thousand times
Over and still so
Rich and wonderfully
Irresistible with talents that are
All ambrosia and chocolate.

Competent, my whole self is given
Only upon a loan which can
Undermine me at any moment.
Riveting, skills of my skill
Touch the hearts of the world,
Everlasting and beautiful
Muchness, spreading eagle
Armor over all.
Never again might such a heart be
Contented upon this earth's
Happy people, they who must cherish her
Entertaining while she still breathes.

Untitled - 2/10/11

His eyes, perfect shining crystals of light,
pour into my soul, scrutinizing me
and, tugging my heart up to a great height,
scorch my inner core of all that I be.

I am made as new snow, erased of before
this gentle perfection wiped my mind clean
of my dark iniquity, washed ashore
with my past self - the broken figurine.

This man who is not a man, an angel
come to draw out the smiles from my lips
to brighten the days and nights of faithful
contentment in his embrace, his sweet eclipse.

Amazing, that I have lasted like this
in my world of dreamy dream
without this creature to hold and to kiss,
that it is sad nothing is what it seems.

Untitled - 2/11/11

I'll be short and sweet:
don't talk to me.

Tread carefully because you tread
upon my dreams of true love
and a content happy career,
because they are all that keep me going.

So shut your trap.

I don't want to hear about
your love life, social life trying
to dictate how I'm supposed
to live, and breathe, and behave.

Get out of my head.

This is me: the daydreamer,
the resourceful wisher, the lover.
You don't like it? Well... fine!

Deal with it, because I'm not ever going to change,

Understanding - 2/18/11

You don't understand, do you
understand why we push and pull
to give and take control through
the hole you left in this sheep's wool?

You don't understand life
is not about policies and promises broken
to the people you'll become through strife
after we toss you away: a useless token.

You don't understand all we want
is a balance between your stupidity
and brilliance in our walkabout jaunt
as wayward obscenities purified lead lucidity.

But, knowing even if you heard, you wouldn't
care about these words, these warnings, these wants
that might be a reality in the dirt beneath
our feet, that even then you still won't understand.

Harmony - 2/18/11

I can hear the music whispering in my ear,
"It's okay, do not fear..."
my blood sings when it is near.

Singing along to songs whose words I cannot say
as sharps fall flat in a minor melody
that a dream's requiem crescendos
into a happy chord.

It's okay if you can't hear me.

My heart is loud and my mind is bright,
and inside the songs with words that
I cannot say, there is something
that catches your breath, tingles your skin.

You can hear me now, can't you?

The melody might be haunting or beautiful,
but I am what makes it complete.

The Devil in Me - 2/25/11

I tremble, I quake, I scream.
I am utterly terrified of this evil,
of the devil inside of me.

There are no horns,
no tail, no pitchfork,
just me and my dirty, violent thoughts
and vivid violations that are clearly illegal.

People don't know how hard it is.

They can't know about the bruises on the restraints
welded into my heart, my mind, my self like a second skin,
because they themselves have no restraints
to bind their tact to morality's double-edged sword.

It's so ironic it's almost laughable.

But the monster beneath this gilded cage is the real
danger, because someday the chains will break,
and the devil in me will be free.

Two Faces - Undated

There is the face you see in the light,
framed by soft hair and gentle eyes
reflected through glass, cloth, and smiles.

And then there is the face shrouded in night.

Wild-eyed, erratic, wicked smiles
laugh with transparent abandon
(that almost does not exist)
graces a face that is and isn't a face.

Two halves of one whole.

Once all sharp lines and edges, black and white,
these two faces of mine begin to blur
into benign shades of grey
and create, selectively, a new self.

What starts the change is irrelevant.
It only matter that it happens.

Know Where I'm Going - 2/25/11

I know where I'm going.

Don't tell me I can't decide now,
that I don't know where I want to be,
what I want to do, and experience,
and don't tell me I have to go
where the money is.

Don't you know they're cutting costs?
Don't you know there isn't any money
for aid where I want to be
so I have to make my own way?

And I'm just fine with that.

So don't tell me I'm destined to fail,
because there is no failure with me.
There's only the need, and the knowledge.

The knowledge that I know where I'm going.

Don't ask me where my Valentine's Day poems are. I simply don't write any for... a good number of reasons. Just enjoy (or not enjoy) the ones I've put up here. Have a nice day, and I'll have more poems up soon. :)

- Hikari no Vikki