A/N: My favorite poem to write so far. The crueler the poem, the more fun it is to write.

On The Question of Sanity

Look at the light

It's very bright

No I'm not very kind

But it was really just a joke

Just like the time you were the one I tried to choke

I wouldn't call myself cruel

Just very oddly cool!

Stop calling me a psychopath!

You don't want to face my wrath

No, I didn't feel guilt all those times

For what you call my crimes

I'm not crazy

I only killed that guy 'cause he was lazy

That's a good enough reason!

Honestly, you sound like you're accusing me of treason

I am perfectly sane

Yes, I threw someone under a train

So what? He was someone I hated

And anger management is way overrated

And conflict resolution?

Killing them is a perfectly easy solution!

I'm a well adjusted fellow

Compared to the voices in my head, I'm quite mellow!

Why are you looking at me like that?

What do you mean what am I laughing at?

All those funny moments, you know?

You don't know?

You think I'm sick and twisted?!

No I'm not, for the reasons I listed

Now, one more time, before I slice your veins,

I. Am. Not. Insane