A/N: This was an experiment, a sestina written entirely in haiku. It came out rather repetitive, but each haiku and each complete stanza should stand alone. Something of an exercise in intellectual self-gratification, I'm afraid.

dancing bluebell flames

her arms shimmer in the sun

fire in her eyes


swift underground spring

irresistible river,

he quenches her strike


sudden blur, his strike

his hands dance around her flames

he glows like the sun


dynamic river

he can't be held by her eyes

brooding coiled spring


waiting, tensed to spring

listening, feeling for a strike

(he distains his eyes)


plunges into flames

curves away like a river

blinding as the sun


her eyes gleam like sun

shining off a rushing spring,

azure flame-river


earthquake in his strike

her world dissolves in gold flames

shining in her eyes


shaded onyx eyes

soak up the warmth of the sun

return it in flames


gushing like a spring

inevitable, his strike

divides her river


like a smooth river

energy between their eyes,

a flow, not a strike


blazing like the sun,

they vibrate, connected spring

burns with inner flames


gold flames like the sun,

both close eyes, prepared to spring,

river drowns her strike