~The Watchdog: Birth of the Hero~

Eddy was just a student living a normal life getting through school, until he witnessed the caped Captain Doom. He watched the masked man rob toys and calculators and lunch money from his schoolmates as he hid behind some trash cans. Before the villain was apprehended he gave a few simple flirting words to his captors and made his escape in their stuttered response.

His fists shaking and clenched, his eyes wide in fear, and his pants a bit tight in the crotch, Eddy finally fought his body into leaving his hiding spot. The kids whose toys were stolen cried, the teachers were dumb-founded, and slowly they all dispersed without another word on the issue. Eddy knew he was just as useless as they, walking around with their heads down as Captain Doom went on causing havoc and disarray unpunished. Eddy went into the hallway bathroom and stared himself in the eyes, seeing his fear dripping away as his need for justice overwhelmed him. He knew what he had to do.

He gathered his equipment that weekend and trained for almost two weeks using the school's gymnasium. As he pulled the mask he had made himself over his eyes, Eddy felt his heart racing. The utility belt around his waist was heavy with equipment and slightly more bulky than he had thought it'd be, but he didn't pay too much mind as he looked himself up and down in the mirror. Even though it was cold that night, his fur-matching grey shirt was form-fitting and tight around his chest, the dark paw-print insignia on his chest simple and memorable. His pants were just as tight, but were as dark as the night outside, held up by the heavy belt he had stitched together himself.

Eddy flexed to himself, his new muscles pleasing to him and hopefully to anyone else who valued the justice he vowed to serve. As Eddy watched himself and looked into the bright determined eyes, he knew that as he wore his mask he was no longer the simple school-going Eddy Holmgren. He was The Watchdog. Protector of the weak, and arch nemesis to evil whereever it may be.

His bare feet made no sound as he walked to the window, twisting the light bulb in his desk lamp to darken his room and setting his alarm for the morning. In seconds his room was empty, the curtains settling against the wall after being tossed by a soft night breeze.

The Watchdog glanced down, his eyes glowing with the green illumination from his high tech wristwatch he found in the pawn shop. It was only a few minutes until midnight, when he was sure Captain Doom would surely strike somewhere. Something about midnight was just so super-villain, he was sure Captain Doom would love the poetic justice of it all...

He reached back and pulled a long tightly woven dog-leash from the back pouch of his utility belt, letting it unravel enough to clip the leash end into a sort of lasso loop. He tossed it effortlessly over the fence to catch on the handle on the other side. Giving a few test pulls, he began to climb, his bare hands and feet making no noise as he climbed over the fence and jumped down to the other side, crouching into the shadows. Looking around, he decided his best bet would be going through an open window or vent... he collected his leash-lasso and started looking for a way in.

It wasn't hard to find a way inside the large school building, and as Eddy...ahem, i mean Watchdog... as Watchdog looked through a large vent, he saw quite a few men with large equipment belts and dark uniforms. One pressed something on his chest and spoke into a small microphone, mumbling soft enough that the Watchdog couldn't hear.

'These must be Captain Doom's henchmen.' Thought the fighter of justice, rubbing his chin as he thought how he could get past. 'I could go straight to the locker room where no-doubt the infamous Captain Doom shall be lying in wait for me, but one whistle could call all of his men to corner me... I should deal with them first, and leave me to battle the boss one-on-one.'

His plan set, Watchdog reached back and checked a few pockets, making sure all of his super awesome watchdog-weapons were ready to go. He slipped out his special tool, a heavy black paddle with his pawprint carved into the head, and held the cloth wrapped handle in his mouth. Pulling a tennis ball and a tightly wrapped cloth ball out his belt, he held one in each hand and readied himself to jump from his hiding spot.

The guards walked calmly from one side of the hall to the other. There were five that the defender of justice could see in this hall, three felines and two canines. This was perfect, as he wanted to say to himself dramatically, but kept silent instead. He waited for a few seconds until he saw all the henchmen coming close to each other, chatting to each other unaware that their evil would soon come to an end.

The strike came fast and hard. The masked hero fell from the ceiling, landing crouched in the center of the ring of henchmen. He slammed the cloth ball on the tile ground hard, making it explode into smoke. Squinting through the smoke, Watchdog saw three of the men falling to the ground squirming and pawing the air, the catnip laced smoke doing its job even better than expected.

"Command, come in command, we have a-" One of the guards had picked up on the situation fast and was trying to call for backup, but the hero was prepared, throwing the tennis ball hard and true. The light fuzzy ball caught into the dog's jaws, silencing him while stunning him long enough for Watchdog to drop his 'Doggy-paddle' from his mouth and into his hand, jabbing the handle into the henchman's side, dropping him fast. The second dog wasn't as fast on the attack, but was finally coming to his senses and running towards his fallen comrade.

"Down Boy!" Watchdog cried out, swinging his weapon down onto his enemy's head, knocking him unconscious. "Yes!"

Watchdog took a moment to breath heavily, grinning from ear to ear about how well he was doing... but soon his expression drained back to that of a man with a mission. He still needed to find Captain Doom before he could be victorious, and so he ran silently down the hall, leaving his incapacitated foes behind.

There were two more henchmen left, guarding the door to the locker room. Captain Doom must already be inside, but how to get past these two? If he went straight in, the hall was long enough that he would loose his element of surprise. Feeling around in his utility belt, Watchdog grinned as another plan formed. He pulled out a laser pointer, and began dancing the small red beam in front of the first guard, another feline.

Intrigued by the light, the henchman followed, provoking confused calls from his teammate, but nothing could quench the cat's curiosity...and you know what they say about that.

"Doggy-Paddle!" Just as the cat passed Watchdog's hiding spot, the hero swung his paddle and made quite the dog paw mark on the henchman's forehead. "Heel!" A low sweeping kick made the cat fall far from on its feet. "Stay!" Another strike from the paddle made sure this henchman wasn't going anywhere soon.

"Hey! Stop!" The other guard was running towards the commotion, but one-on-one was just fine with Watchdog. He reached back for a more distance-oriented weapon, some small disks he had used for Frisbee-golf, but they were made thick and heavy, and they dawned the insignia of their user. Eddy had spent lots of time playing catch with his dad, and quickly flicked both of his wrists, expertly sending two disks flying at his opponent. One clipped the ground and came back up to just miss the henchman's side, catching the radio cable and unplugging it as it flew by, and the other was deflected from the man's face with a swatting hand. The second disk, however, was only a distraction as a third disk slipped under the running dog's foot, making him slip forward and fall right onto his chin, knocking him out of the fight.

Watchdog spun in place and flexed into a pose! "Yeah! Justice prevails again! And now, for Captain Doom!" He quickly went to the locker room doors, then back to the henchmen to borrow his keys.

The locker rooms were so quiet, it was easy to pick out where its only other occupant was rummaging through picked lockers. Watchdog slid across the smooth tile to look past the low wall of the showers to see the back of a black cape and orange head of his wolfen enemy moving in front of an open locker. Captain Doom held up a hand held game and cackled softly, slipping it into his large pack he had on the ground.

"Soon," the gentle seductive voice whispered, "Soon I'll have enough to put my true plans into action."

'True plans?' Watchdog felt for his tools and thought of his strategy, but before he could come up with a battle plan, Captain Doom turned towards him holding another toy, a transformer, in his hand. The Evil doer noticed the other boy and gasped, forcing Watchdog to make his move.

He stepped from behind the wall and pointed to Captain Doom. "Stop! In the name of justice, put the toys you have stolen back!"

"You!" Captain Doom pointed just as dramaticaly back at the hero. "...Who are you?"

A grin spread on the grey mutt's face as he flexed, pulling out his doggy paddle and posing heroically. "I am the guardian of the petty and weak, the fighter for justice against evil. With the power of love and righteousness I strike from the shadows unto my foes. I am the batteries that are not included! I am the Watchdog!"

Captain Doom seemed impressed at first, but then tilted his head. "The batteries not-"

"Hey! I was caught up in the moment, shut up!"

"But...but how did you find me?! No one knew I was going to be here."

"HaHA! But your trail of henchmen lead me straight to you! You may as well have put up signs to mark your presence!"

Once again, Captain Doom tilted his head in confusion. "Henchmen? I don't have henchmen, I fight alone! Having henchmen is just begging for betrayal and failure."

The Watchdog looked unsure for a moment, but regained his pose. "Nice try, Captain Doom! Then how do you explain all the uniformed men with weapons outside in the hall?"

For a moment, the evil doer looked like he might not answer, but then he cackled into his evil laugh! "You fool, you have done away with the guards of this school I had snuck past! Hahaha!"

"B..but I...you..." whoops... as he thought back, that would make perfect sense... but the hero shook his head. "N..never mind! I still have you right where I want you!"

"Oh you do?" Captain Doom dropped the transformer into his bag, pushing his cape away from him in great evilness, relieving his scant clothing. The tuxedo thong bulging around its ruffle and his bow tie did almost nothing to cover the fine slender body of its wearer. "You will still have to defeat me in battle if you hope to win this day!"

Eddy was too busy stuttering at his opponents skimpy outfit to make a heroic response, but came back to reality when he heard the sound of a spinning motor thing! Captain Doom seemed to have his own gadgets, tossing small helicopter-things his way. The gadgets twisted and turned in mid flight, making them impossible to catch or dicern their movements, but the Watchdog knew that as he was being distracted Captain Doom would escape! Pulling out his final throwing disk, he took careful aim and glanced off of one copter to the other, breaking both down and leaving no distractions between him and the fleeing Captain Doom!

Eddy thanked his need to retrieve his leash-lasso from the beginning of this adventure, and quickly whipped out the tight sturdy rope and swung it hard towards his foe. Captain Doom's Cape might have been such an awesome piece of costume, but it came to his fall as the lasso looped and tightened around the cloth, stopping the evil doer in his tracks!

"I got you now Captain Doom!" The hero pounced and grabbed after a quick pull of his rope, but caught nothing but cape, landing on the hard tile, moaning and whimpering as he rubbed his nose. He quickly looked around but couldn't see Captain Doom, but knew he couldn't have gone far. Then the sound of hissing made him turn.

The growing hissing sound was the showers turning on, and the steam meant they were on full heat. Quickly, the room filled with thick steam, and the tiles began to become slippery, though the bare paws of both Captain Doom and the Watchdog were hardly affected. The larger dog began creeping through the steam, the hissing deadening his hearing, the steam filling his nostrils and misting his eyes. He was trying to find a spot of black and orange through the steam when he stepped on a pile of marbles, slipping onto his back just as an orange streak flew over him, dashing for the back of the room.

"You have failed, Watchdog! And you shall know the taste of defeat against Captain Doom!"

Captain Doom slid easily through the vents, his slender body dripping lightly from the showers, but his lack of cape gave him an even greater speed. He went quickly down hallways unseen by the moaning guards far beneath him. The orange wolf cackled as he neared the exit, thinking of applauding his fallen enemy for dealing with all of his opponents on his way in, leaving his escape that much simpler. He turned and slipped a rose seeming out of thin air, posing it between his teeth as he jumped back out of the vent to make his final decent into freedom.

Captain Doom was prepared for a hard landing with a quick roll to break his fall, but the fall ended much softer than he had expected. He looked up, feeling the strong wet arms of his 'fallen' enemy under him as he was held bridal style. The dog glared down, water dripping from his nose as the evil doer grinned, chuckling in nervous defeat.

The clicking of the handcuffs sunk Captain Doom's heart, feeling the cold chill of the night air flow through the bike rack he was now attached to. "Poop... how did you get up so fast? Or know where I was going?"

The Watchdog rubbed his head and tried grinning through the pain he felt as his hand rub over a large bump. "I've taken worse fall than that before. And Those vents were how I got into the building to begin with. I just had to sprint through the halls and wait for you to fall."

"Blah..." Captain Doom shook his hands against his restraints and looked at his wrists curiously. "...Why do you use furry handcuffs?"

"Sh...shut up! They were all I could find..."

Captain Doom grinned. His Captor was a bit cute and stupid... a good combination in his head. "You're such an amazing hero, Watchdog, to have caught me on your first try."

Eddy felt his heart lift with the compliment, even from his arch nemesis. "Yes well... you made me fight really hard."

"Well I do have an image to uphold. Um... Mr Watchdog?" Captain Doom looked slightly to the side as if embarrassed. "I don't have my cape, and I'm getting cold... I got wet in the showers when I was trying to escape..." The Watchdog was trying to look on like he didn't hear, but the blush spilling across his nose was a dead give-away that Captain Doom had another chance to escape. "Please, Watchdog... I'm just cold... can you give me a towel maybe, or just keep the wind off of me for a while?"

The Watchdog gulped and moved a bit closer, not wanting to cause even his enemy to become ill. He might as well keep him warm until he thought of what to do with him. He stood closer to the evildoer, blocking any wind.

Doom grinned to himself, and then forced a shiver from his body, his skin prickling in the cold. "Brr... please, Mr Watchdog... I'm so cold...come closer please?"

Watchdog glanced over at his barely dressed prisoner and blushed deeper, seeing the boy twist his body just so he could almost see... He closed his eyes and got just a bit closer. He waited, then felt something moving up his leg. his eyes went wide as a lump grew in his throat, noticing it was Captain Doom's foot slipping between his thighs, pulling him closer.

"I..I uh..." The Watchdog couldn't find the words he was trying to say, but found himself slowly nearing his prisoner more and more until his side brushed against the evildoer's fur. "Y..you're..."

"Mhmm...very." As Watchdog turned to look questioningly at Captain Doom, his enemy did the unexpected. Leaning forward, he caught the hero's lips with his own. Eddy felt his legs almost turn to jelly as his eyes widened and then started to droop. He couldn't help himself, turning to face the orange wolf. He'd never felt something like this, and wasn't thinking of Captain Doom as he slipped into the warm fuzzy feelings filling his chest.

As the soft gentle lips slipped across his own, the Watchdog didn't think twice about the hand on his chest, the other pressing to the front of his belt. As his mind drifted to many images of the masked man's tongue dragging across his lip and to his neck, he didn't notice the cold steel of the bike rack on his back, or the sudden tightness of his wrists.

"Mmm~ You're not bad, hero. I hope you try to catch me again. Here's something quick to remember me by..." The sudden but gentle pain on his neck made the mutt whimper and weaken, panting softly... but as he realized he wasn't being held anymore,he opened his eyes. He was gone... Captain Doom was gone!?

The Watchdog tried to stand, but his wrists were held to the bike rack by his own cuffs, and as he glanced around he found the keys a good ten feet away. His jaw dropped as he slouched against the bike rack, feeling so strange... raged that he had let Captain Doom escape, but so confused about what the villain had done to him...

He wasn't sure himself how he was finally able to escape, but Eddy was almost asleep before he felt his cool pillow against his sore bumped head. His mask and costume were stuffed unceremoniously into a trunk at the end of his bed, and his tools were all put into a small lockbox in his closet safe and sound. He sighed heavily and looked at his clock. he only had three hours to sleep until he had to get up for class tomorrow...

'Thus is the life of a super hero,' he guessed.