Now, Still, I Love You

Hard chairs and constant wild temptation
distracts our gentle conversation,
while coffee burns between your hands;
how everybody understands
our talks, our looks, the secret world.
How simply it had all unfurled.
Tears roll below your bright blue eyes.
A part within me slowly dies.
It scared me so, to see you cry,
a friend so dear, my love, my life,
and when your lips part, I know, I fear,
what is to come, my love, my dear.

"How can we live our lives this way?
Why does all our love decay?
I want you here with me, but now,
they found us out, I don't know how.
And you will think it's all my fault,
you live your life so on default,
and can never again be seen with me.
So I guess our love will cease to be."
I interrupt, I cannot hear this,
my heart is sore, my mind abyss.
I tell you, no, that's not all true,
there's so much now I love in you.

"So, if I stayed here, would you sway?
Or would you stay another day?"
Love, forever I would spend now here,
close to you I belong now, dear.
I hold you close, still you don't trust
my love, and it all just turns to dust.
"Maybe one day," you tell me then,
"we'll find all we loved and lost, again."
And before you leave, right at the door,
you turn to see me stare the floor.
You ask me, still, if I regret,
if I would still stay as upset,
of all I let go, all I gave.

No, love.
I would be your willing slave.