My name is Samuel Dragna. I am twenty-eight years old. I own a lavish, exclusive restaurant frequented by celebrities in Las Vegas.

To the general public, I am simply a well-mannered, highly successful businessman with suave good looks and an odd taste for well-ironed pinstriped suits.

To law enforcement agencies, however, I am deemed as a threat.

I don't blame them. They have a good reason to be suspicious of me, because as a matter of fact, I do work for a Las Vegas crime family. The restaurant was just a front to cover the family's criminal business: drug-dealing, prostitution, you name it. Every single criminal offence in Nevada, they've probably done it all.

I have no problem getting blood on my hands- provided that there's a good pay and if they deserved it.

Prison, for most people like me, isn't where I aspire to land myself into. Unfortunately, that is the place where I'm definitely heading to now.

For years, everything went fine until she came along...

There is something wrong with her, yet I love her.