The white waves disappear as if ruffled by the autumn win. My memories of you head right out to sea without looking back at the coast. The concrete breakwater feels cold as I sit down on it; the heat that shone down from the sun that day has disappeared somewhere now. I look out to the bay and smile as a gentle gust of wind touches my face. I close my eyes as my memories of you flow back to my mind. You're there, coming up to talk to me, smiling. You look up at me just like always do, you by my side.

My phones starts to vibrate in my pocket, I open it and see a text from one of our old friends, asking where I was. I smile a little, happy to know that someone is still cares about me. I unconsciously click the gallery, where photos of you and me are. In the several photos that I have you are seen playing with a dog, making a peace sign and you were saying something in another photo. I remember you begging me to delete that photo but I didn't because you still looked so cute in it.

I click the next photo and I was struck with sudden gloom. The photo was the last photo we took together before that unfaithful night. You disappeared from the earth to somewhere in sky, you suddenly left me alone. I never accepted it but how am I to argue with fate? Was it really fate? You leaving me.

When I close my eyes, I still remember the day we met, the day we swore we would be together forever. The sun begins to set and I now have a place to cry. I feel so lonely. I want to hold you one more time; I miss your arms wrapped around me. Tears start to overflow from my eyes, I want to scream and call your name but it wouldn't change a thing, you won't comeback.

I'm happy that no one is here to see me sob; I finally open my eyes and see that the starts are already shining up in the dark sky. You're still not here. All there is in front of me is the dark sea. The quiet waves unchangingly carrying my love for you away.