Chapter 1: Sho Nakamura

A storm cloud hung over the sky leaving the area below grey, lightning cracked and thunder roared as rain poured down from the heavens. Countless demon bodies encircled a 6 ft tall middle aged broad-shouldered man with a defined muscular build, the rain soaked his brown hair and drenched his clothes with consisted of an orange bloodstained robe with a phoenix pattern on the back, orange pants and brown leather boots.

Blood poured out of the stab on his chest, the man looked up at the sky with his brown eyes. The loss of blood began to take its toll, the man began to feel lightheaded and dizzy, and he collapsed on one knee and coughed up blood.

He wiped the crimson liquid from his mouth and with a great deal of effort managed to stand up straight. The smell of burnt and rotting flesh made the man sick to his stomach, the man then spread out of arms. He winced and hissed in pain because that made his wound stretch open a little bit, fire began to randomly appear on his body and within seconds it cloaked until he took the appearance of a flaming phoenix. With one flap of his fiery wings the man shot up into the air like a rocket and disappeared into the grey sky above.

Meanwhile the sun began to rise over the horizon; its warm shining rays consumed the large city below. Inside a small house a boy slept in his bedroom, it was small bedroom which contained a bed in front a large window with the curtains closed and a small table with an alarm clock on it on the north side of the bedroom. On the left side of the room there was a large wooden dresser next to a closet. On the right side of the room the wall was covered with various posters and discarded clothes littered the floor.

The boy was in deep sleep; suddenly he was awoken by a constant beeping sound and a flashing red light. The boy opened his electric blues and stared at the time which was 7:00 am; the boy let out a groan, then he balled his fist, raised his arm and pounded the top of the alarm clock thus silencing it.

The boy threw the covers off him then he sat up and swung his legs over to the edge of the bed. He stood up from the bed and rubbed his eyes, he then approached the curtains and pulled them apart causing the sun's rays to enter his room and light it up.

The boy was 5 ft 7, he had a skinny but lean, muscular build. He let out a yawn and turned around, he walked over to the bedroom door, gripped the doorknob and turned it clockwise and pulled the door open. He stepped out of his bedroom and turned to his right and approached the bathroom. He entered the bathroom, then he had a shower, wrapped a towel round his waist, approached the sink and brushed his teeth.

He stepped out of the bathroom and returned to his room, after putting on some underpants and socks he grabbed an unbuttoned shirt, stuck his arms through the sleeves and buttoned the shirt up. He rolled the sleeves up just above his elbows then he grabbed a pair of blackish grey pants and put them on.

He then picked up a brown leather belt and wrapped it around his waist and fastened it tight. Next he put on a blue and purple stripped tie and finally slipped his feet into some black shoes.

The boy stepped out of his bedroom, approached the top of the stairs and walked down them. The boy caught sent of eggs and bacon, once he stopped at the bottom of the stairs he turned to his right and walked into the kitchen.

He saw his mother at the stove cooking breakfast; despite being middle aged she didn't look a day over 30, she was 5 ft 9 with a curved body, waist length brown hair and electric blues eyes like her son and she always had a soft expression on her face. She wore an orange buttoned T-shirt and blue jeans. She gave her son a sideways glance, then she turned and faced him.

"Good morning Sho." Said his mother softly

"Yeah whatever." Replied Sho

Sho approached the table, pulled a chair and sat down. His mother scooped up some eggs off the frying pan with a spatula and placed it on a plate and then she scooped up some bacon and placed it on the plate. She set the spatula down, turned off the stove and approached Sho with a plate of eggs and bacon.

She placed the plate in front of him; the smell of his mother's cooking gave him shivers and he dug in right away. When he had finished he let out a burp which made his mother giggle, she then sat down next to him with a stern but still soft expression on her face.

"Sho, we need to talk." Said his mother, Sho turned his head to her.

"What about?" asked Sho

"Your principal called, he said you ditched school again."

"And?" asked Sho who didn't seem to care

"Well this has to stop Sho, I know it's been hard with your father dying and all but if you keep this up you'll never get a good job." Sho's heart sank; he hated it when his mother brought up his father because it took him back to that day 4 years ago when they received that call telling them that Sho's father died in a car accident.

Just then they heard the doorbell ring, Sho sat up from his chair, walked out of the kitchen and approached the front door. He gripped the doorknob, turned it clockwise and pulled the door open.

Behind the door stood his two best friends, Kenzaburo (Ken for short) Yamazaki and Yukina Tanaka. Ken was 6 ft tall with a broad-shouldered and a muscular build; he had short dark hair and emerald green eyes. He was wearing school uniform like Sho and had his sleeves rolled up but he was minus a tie.

Yukina was 5 ft 5, she had shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes, she was wearing school uniform but she wore a dark purple buttoned over shirt with white trimmings and their schools symbol on it, a dark purple skirt, white socks that were pulled up to her knees and black shoes.

"Looks like you're up early this time Nakamura." Said Ken in a mocking tone

"Kiss my ass Ken." Replied Sho in an annoyed tone

Sho stepped out of the house, shut the door behind him then the three made their way to school. Once they were half-way there Sho spotted the arcade across the street and his instinct to ditch school kicked in, he grabbed Ken by the arm and pulled him closer.

"Hey Ken, the arcade's over there. Wanna ditch school and hang out there?" whispered Sho, Ken glanced at the arcade for a couple of seconds then he looked back at Sho and a smirk crept up his face.

"Hell yeah." Replied Ken, Sho let go of Ken's arm and just when they were about to walk across the street they felt someone grab the back of their collars.

"And just where do you think you're going?" asked a stern yet feminine voice, Sho and Ken turned their heads and saw Yukina holding them back.

"Errrr…. No where." The two boys said in unison, an annoyed expression was then stamped on Yukina's face.

"You're going to the arcade aren't you?!" yelled Yukina

"What? Pfft no." replied Sho in an unconvincing tone, Yukina let go of their collars and they both turned around facing her. Yukina closed her eyes and crossed her arms.

"What's more important you two? A good education so you can a good job in the future or goofing off?" asked Yukina, but when she opened her eyes Sho and Ken were already across the street walking into the arcade. Yukina lowered her head and let out a sigh.

"What am I going do with those two?" she asked herself

Meanwhile the flaming phoenix flew down from the sky, the flaming cloak began to disappear and the man landed on a large grassy hill next to a bridge and river below it. He rolled down the hill and stopped at the bottom; the man began to cough violently and struggled to his feet.

"I…. must find… a worthy host…. For the phoenix." He said to himself, he then walked up the hill but light-headedness and the dizziness from the loss of the blood and the extreme pain from his wound made it difficult. Finally he reached the top of the hill. He then turned east and then began walking off in that direction in search of a worthy host for this 'Phoenix'.