Chapter 3: The Mysterious Creature

Throughout the week Sho has been traumatised by what happened in the alley, he won't eat and he won't sleep. He had an interview with the police but Sho didn't give them much to go on. At Sho's school the sound of a bell ringing echoed through the building, students between the ages of 11 and 16 walked out of their classrooms and walked out of the school building.

Sho stepped out of the building; he wondered across the schoolyard and stepped off school site. He turned left and began walking in that direction, Ken and Yukina who had both been trying to comfort their friend all week saw him leaving and they both decided follow him.

They ran after Sho and when they caught up with him they walked beside him, with Ken on Sho's right and Yukina on his left.

"What do you two want?" asked Sho in a completely emotionless tone

"Sho, I know what happened in the alleyway was traumatising but you have to get over it." Said Yukina softly, Sho stopped in his tracks as did Ken and Yukina.

"It's not that simple Yukina, every time I close my eyes I see that dead man." Said Sho, the fear of that memory made Sho shake. Yukina let out a sigh; she could see that it was going to take some time for Sho to get over this.

"Well… Ken and I are will be there for you if you need us." Said Yukina in a comforting tone.

"Yeah." Reassured Ken, Sho's expression softened and walked away from his two friends. Ken and Yukina watched as Sho disappeared down the street.

Later that night the moon was full and stars lit up the night sky, at the city morgue it was dark, the only source of light was a single lit room. A 5 ft 9 tall, lean man stood over the body of that dead man that Sho discovered; he had short black hair, blue eyes underneath a pair of glasses and high cheekbones. He wore a white lab coat over a black buttoned shirt which was tucked into his brown slacks which was tightened to his waist by a black leather belt with a golden buckle. He wore plain black shoes and had a badge on his lab coat.

He observed the corpse for a couple of seconds but he pulled back the sheet slightly exposing his wound. He arched an eyebrow and cupped his chin with his thumb and index finger.

"Judging by the size of the wound and how deep it is, it's possible this man was stabbed with some kind of sword." The man said in his thoughts, just then a young woman stepped into the room. She had brown hair tied back into a pony tail, hazel eyes and a soft expression on her face. She wore a lab coat like the man and she wore a turquoise buttoned shirt, a black skirt and black high heels.

"Um….. Dr. Yazaki?" called the woman; Dr. Yazaki snapped back to reality and turned around facing her.

"What is it?" asked Dr. Yazaki

"We've did a background check on this man but there was nothing, no birth certificate, no medical records, nothing." Dr. Yazaki arched an eyebrow.

"Are you sure?" he asked, the woman nodded. Dr. Yazaki turned back to the body, never in all of his years has he came across something like this.

"How can this be?" asked Dr. Yazaki

"Judging by the clothing he was found in we believe he might be a monk of some kind." Said the woman


"Well, I'm going to go home now." Said the woman

"Very well, see you tomorrow." The woman turned around and walked away, Dr. Yazaki went back to observing the body. Half an hour later Dr. Yazaki was getting tired and decided to call it a night. He pulled the sheet over the dead man's face, just then he heard something. Dr. Yazaki paused and stared at the doorway, he couldn't see anything because the hallway was pitch black.

"Hello?" he asked waiting for a response, but there was no answer. Dr. Yazaki shrugged his shoulders, he then walked over to the door way, turned off the lights and walked down the pitch black hallway.

When he arrived at the door he reached for the door handle but then suddenly, he felt someone breathing down his neck. Dr. Yazaki was suddenly consumed by fear, a single drop of sweat slid down his face. Dr. Yazaki gulped and he slowly turned around, looking down on him was a 6 ft 3 tall creature whose appearance was silhouetted by the darkness but he had glowing red eyes.

The creature let out a monstrous roar and the sound of Dr. Yazaki's scream echoed through the morgue. The creature walked through the hallway, the sound of a liquid dripping on the floor followed him. He walked into the room and glared at the covered corpse of the dead man; the creature slowly approached the man's body and stopped right next to it. He reached for the lamp which was on a steel table on his right, and turned it on revealing a muscular, blood covered, green arm with long yellow claws on his fingers.

He grabbed the sheet and yanked it off the man's dead body; he glared at the corpse for a couple of seconds.

"Something's not right." Said the creature in a deep voice "I cannot sense the Phoenix's aura within him."

The creature's glowing red eyes widened, he roared with rage and dashed out of the room and out of the morgue. He jumped onto the roof and looked around the area; finally he was able to pick up the Phoenix's aura. He let out a roar, then he jumped off the roof and he landed on the ground in the crouch position. He stood up straight and ran north into the city.

The next morning the sun rose over the horizon, turning the sky into a dull blue colour. The sun rose more until the sky was a magnificent sapphire blue and white puffy clouds slowly glided across the sky. Sho was awoken by the beeping noise and the flashing red light of his alarm clock. Sho opened his left eye and saw that it was 9:00 am, he felt so tired due to the lack of sleep last night. He grabbed his alarm clock and hurled it across room, it hit the wall next to his bedroom door and it shattered on impact.

Sho sat up from his bed, threw the covers off him, swung his legs over the edge of the bed and stood up. He stretched his arms and walked over to the door; he grabbed the handle, turned it clockwise and pulled the door open.

Meanwhile back at the morgue, the woman who saw Dr. Yazaki last night had just walked into the morgue. She shut the door behind her and turned around, just then she felt something wet land on her forehead. She put her finger on what it was then she took her finger away from her forehead and lowered it down to her face.

She gasped, it was blood. More drops of blood dripped down on her, she slowly looked up and saw the mutilated body of Dr. Yazaki, his intestines were pulled out and used to hang him from the ceiling. The woman screamed at the top of her lungs.

Meanwhile Sho had just stepped out of his house; he was wearing a black T-shirt, blue jeans tightened to his waist by a brown leather belt and black shoes. He walked down the path between his house and the street; he stopped in his tracks once he stepped on the side walk. Then he turned to his left and saw Ken who was wearing a blue hoodie with the sleeves rolled up just below his elbows, a white T-shirt underneath, blue jeans and white sneakers.

"What're you doing here?" asked Sho

"Follow me." Said Ken as he turned around, he began walking down the street and Sho followed.

"So where's Yukina?" asked Sho

"At her grandmother's for the day." Replied Ken, after several minutes of walking Ken led Sho into a forest. He stopped in his tracks and as did Sho who was 2 feet away from him, Ken turned and began stretching.

"Prepare yourself Nakamura." Said Ken as he crouched down and stretched his legs, Sho arched an eyebrow.


"We're gonna fight." Said Ken as he stood up straight

"Again, why?"

"Remember when we were young and all the kids were picking on me, you took me here for a play fight to cheer me up. And now I'm doing the same for you."

"I'm not in the mood." Said Sho

"You don't have a choice Nakamura, either you fight me or I'll kick your ass up and down this forest."

"I just said I'm not-" before Sho could finish that sentence Ken dashed at him and landed a punch right to Sho's left cheek. Sho stood there, his cheek bruised. He then glared at Ken with a mischievous smirk on his face.

"You're gonna pay for that Yamazaki." Said Sho mischievously, he balled his fist tight and punched Ken in his left cheek sending him stumbling backwards. Ken chuckled and then the two boys charged at each other but before they could send their fists flying at each other a fierce roar echoed through the forest causing a flock of birds to fly away.

Sho looked to his right and Ken to his left and they saw something with glowing red eyes hiding in the shadows. The creature stepped into light revealing a 6 ft 3 tall creature with green skin, red eyes, yellow fangs, long dark green hair and he was wearing black pants and black boots.

"W-what the fuck is that?" asked Ken in a horrified tone

"I-I don't know." Replied Sho in an equally horrified tone, the creature growled at the two boys. He was able to sense the Phoenix's aura within Sho; he then took a step forward. He stretched out his right arm and pointed his index finger at Sho.

"You….. I sense the Phoenix within you." said the creature, Sho arched an eyebrow.

"What?" he asked, the creature released a ferocious roar that echoed throughout the forest. He then glared at the two boys and charged at them.