Chapter 6: Payback

Throughout the week Sho and Ken had endured the most exhausting, painful and horrendous training they've ever had in their lives. However through this training their fighting abilities have improved greatly. Sho and Ken sat on the grass, they were both breathing heavily. Daisuke stood 2 feet opposite them with his arms crossed and Satoru the Gremlin was perched on his right shoulder.

"Sho, Ken get up. It's time for the final step of your training." Said Daisuke sternly

"Can't we rest? We've been working our asses off all day." Moaned Sho

"When you've finished this final step, you can rest."

"Alright," Ken turned his head to his left facing Sho "Come on Nakamura, if we can run 8 miles with broken legs we can do this."

"8 miles with broken legs?" asked Satoru

"Yeah, me and Ken used to have these competitions to see who was more tolerant to pain." Replied Sho, Satoru blinked.

"I…. see."

"Both of you get up now." Ordered Daisuke, Sho and Ken both groaned before they got to their feet.

"Now, this is hardest step of them all….. Creating a technique." Sho and Ken both arched an eyebrow.

"Let me give you a demonstration using my signature technique, the Aura Bullet" Daisuke brought up his hands until they were at chest-level then he cupped them. Satoru hopped off of his shoulder and a blue aura cloaked Daisuke. A ball of blue light flickered into existence between Daisuke's cupped hands.

"You two might wanna move out of the way." Satoru suggested, Sho and Ken didn't need to be told twice. Sho stepped aside to his left and Ken to his right, with one thrust of his arms Daisuke's attack flew between Sho and Ken. It destroyed several trees in the forest behind them. Sho and Ken turned around and stared at the trail of broken trees in awe, Daisuke brought his fist up to his mouth and cleared his throat gaining Sho and Ken's attention.

Sho and Ken turned around facing Daisuke, the man then crossed his arms.

"Now, which one of you is going to go first?" Sho stepped forward; he then raised his arm and pointed his thumb at himself.

"I will." Sho then swung around facing the forest; he put his right arm forward and opened his hand wide. A ball of blue light flickered to life in front of his hand; it flickered even more and shrank. Then…... it exploded, Sho was sent flying 2 feet away until he crashed and skidded across the ground leaving a trail of dirt behind him.

Ken burst out in laughter, Satoru chuckled a little bit but Daisuke just stood there staring at Sho with that same blank, emotionless expression on his face. Ken finally stopped laughing, and then he turned around facing the forest.

"Let me show you how it's done Nakamura." Said Ken as he put both of his arms forward, a ball of yellow light flickered to life in front of his hands.

However Ken's attack expanded until it too exploded, Ken was blown 3 feet away and he crashed into the wall of Daisuke's house. Sho who was sitting down on the grass burst out in laughter before he laid on his back and rolled from side to side. He then stopped laughing and he sat up.

"Yeah, you really showed me Ken, didn't you?" mocked Sho

"Kiss….. My ….. Ass….. Nakamura." Said Ken weakly, Satoru ran over to Ken, grabbed his left leg and pulled him out of the wall. Ken fell forward and landed on Satoru, the Gremlin flailed his arms trying Ken off of him. Daisuke let out a sigh and approached Ken, grabbed him by the back of T-shirt and lifted him off of the Gremlin.

Satoru crawled away and breathed heavily.

"I could *pant* literally see *pant* my life *pant* flashing *pant* before my *pant* eyes." Said Satoru, Daisuke dropped Ken on the ground and the boy got to his feet and brushed the dirt off of his clothes.

"Man, when you said this was going to be hard you weren't joking." Said Ken, Daisuke looked at Ken with that blank expression on his face.

"I never joke." Said Daisuke in a completely emotionless tone, Satoru got to his feet and then he caught the scent of something. He turned around and sniffed the air; his eyes widened and ran over to Daisuke.

"Daisuke! That Demon who attacked Sho and Ken before is back." Said Satoru in a worried tone, Daisuke looked down at the Gremlin.

"Alright, I'll go and deal with him." Replied Daisuke

"Oh no you don't!" exclaimed Sho, Daisuke turned his gaze to the young Phoenix Sage who had just gotten to his feet.

"If anybody's gonna take that son of a bitch down it's gonna be me." Said Sho

"My ass! I'm the one who's gonna pulverize that motherfucker." Argued Ken

"Why don't you both go?" suggested Satoru, Sho cupped his chin with his right index finger and thumb.

"Hmmm…. That's actually not a bad idea." Said Sho

"Yeah, it's just like my uncle Hao used to say 'There's no kill like overkill'." Said Ken

"Oh yeah, I remember your uncle Hao, he was a fun guy. Whatever happened to him anyway?"

"No idea."

"Well, you better be going. There's no telling how much damage that Demon can cause." Said Daisuke

"R-Right." Sho and Ken said in unison

"Just one question though," said Sho "Where the fuck are we supposed to go?"

"Satoru will show you." Said Daisuke, Satoru then turned around and began walking north. Sho and Ken followed the Gremlin through the forest, half an hour past and they found themselves in the same part of the forest where that Demon attacked Sho and Ken.

Satoru sniffed around the area, the scent of the Demon was everywhere which meant…

"The Demon is somewhere in this forest." Said Satoru

"We're gonna kick his ass in the same place he kicked ours. How fitting." Said Ken, just then a monstrous roar ripped through the forest. Instead of being scared like they were a week ago, Sho and Ken were waiting for that Demon to come. They were both itching to get back at him.

Just then the Demon lunged out of the darkness of the forest. He stood 10 feet opposite Sho and Ken; he glared at the two boys and growled. His good eye was filled with bloodlust.

"Hey you, we're here for a little payback." Said Sho, the Demon growled at Sho and he charged at the two boys. Sho looked down at Satoru.

"You might wanna get out off the way." Satoru looked up at Sho and nodded; he then retreated back into the forest and hid inside a bush. Once the Demon was close he lunged at Sho but Ken stood between them then landed a powerful uppercut to the Demon's jaw.

The Demon was sent flying 6 feet away, once he landed on the ground he skidded an extra 2 feet away. The Demon jumped back to his feet and let out a ferocious roar, but Sho and Ken weren't intimidated. The Demon charged at them again but Sho charged at him, once they were close the Demon swiped his hand, attempting the claw Sho but the Phoenix Sage ducked and back flipped, kicking the Demon in the chin in mid-air.

The Demon was knocked off of his feet and he landed flat on his back. Sho bent his knees once he landed on his feet, then he stood up straight and said "Well that was easy." He then turned around and began walking away; the Demon regained consciousness and jumped to his feet.

He tensed his hand causing his yellow claws to grow; he then raised his arm high, ready to strike the final blow. A smirk crept up Sho's face, he swung around facing the Demon and he jumped back causing the attack to miss.

Sho put his right arm forward and his gripped his wrist tight with his left hand, a ball of blue light enveloped his right hand and the Demon's good eye widened in horror.

"Eat this, Aura Wave!" exclaimed Sho, a beam of blue light shot from Sho's hand and it consumed the Demon's head. Once the beam faded the Demon's head had been completely disintegrated. Sho landed on the ground on his backside and the headless body of the Demon slumped forward and landed flat on his stomach.

Ken and Satoru stared at Sho in complete surprise, Sho got to his feet and Ken ran to his side.

"That was amazing Nakamura! What was that?"

"My new signature technique, I call it 'The Aura Wave'." Replied Sho, Satoru then hopped on Sho's left shoulder.

"That was impressive Sho, how did you do that now if you couldn't do it before?" Sho shrugged his shoulders.

"Heat of the moment I guess." Satoru then hopped off of Sho's shoulder and landed on the ground.

"Well, you two better be going back to your homes." Said Satoru as he turned around

"Wait, what about our training?" asked Ken, Satoru glanced up at him.

"There's nothing more to teach, but don't worry we'll meet again." Replied Satoru, then the Gremlin ran off and disappeared into the forest.

"You know what the hardest part is?" asked Sho

"Saying goodbye?"

"No, explaining to our mom's why we were gone so long." Ken's eyes widened in horror.

"Do you think our training will keep us safe against our angry moms?" he asked

"Ha-ha! Fuck no!"

"Well, it was nice knowing you Nakamura." Said Ken

"Same to you." Sho and Ken turned around and began making their way out of the forest and into the city. Unbeknownst to the two of them, they were being watched.

Two figures, whose appearances were silhouetted by the sunlight, stood on a building overlooking the forest.

"The Phoenix Sage's fighting abilities are quite impressive." Said the tall with a soft and yet emotionless voice.

"True, but he doesn't stand a chance against us, the power of the Phoenix will be ours." Said the short one with a deep and rather aggressive voice.