Hold onto your kids,

Prevent them from trying to erode.

You don't want to see them get hit,

But they don't want to see you get old.

Treasure every kiss.

Be brave, be strong, be bold.

So tightly, gently just hold.

I really miss those days.

The sand was warm, the wind in my face.

Each burst of laughter, each smile of grace,

My memories still amaze,

As I keep looking back (the past reminds me),

I could just hold your hand (binding).

Footsteps in the water,

Shadows in the sand,

Those were the pleasant hours I will never get back.

Carry on and let go

The shore has ended for you.

Travel the path I won't go,

Only you know – the sea is waiting as you travel home.

The waves are raging and my heart is sore.

I still bleed as I let you open a new door.

As they welcome you, as I cry;

As you are happy for you've overcome the word die.

I walk alone; your footsteps aren't in the water;

Your shadow isn't in the sand.

And my dear, you aren't holding my hand.

You left the world that made you cry,

You're hair curled in the shimmering sky

As you whispered the gentle word,


Hold onto your kids,

They are worth millions of gold.

Hold onto their wish,

Make their fairy-tale told.

Give them one more kiss.

Be brave, be strong, be bold,

For the day when you have to let go.