Summary: The gods tell us that everyone's destiny has been decided; fate is inevitable. On her tenth birthday, Sol's fate was decreed by the Great Echleons: "You will end humanity in a burst of fire. Never question your destiny...May the gods have mercy on all our souls."

Copyright 2013: All characters, plots, and title belong to Reagen Dozier (the creator and author)

Chapter One: Just like any other day

The sun had barely risen upon the town of Yria and shops could already be heard removing their gates one at a time, and in one swoop, tossing their signs from closed to open. Brightly colored wooden and stone homes fluttered open glossy eyes to allow the warm rays of sunlight to shine in, and the sweet fumes of breakfast to seep into the streets. People were awakening and slowly exiting into the streets to begin another long, but happy day.

A fifteen year old boy stepped out of a green, stone building and strolled along the faded gray pavement whistling. He is striking, with his sky-blue eyes, wheat colored hair and towering body. Everyone who passed him could tell, with just one glance, that he was indeed blessed by the eyes of the gods.

He stopped whistling and glanced up at the sky. It was another perfect day. The sky was crystal clear, not a single cloud as far as the eye could see.

He sighed, "Just like any other day."

"Pellonis!" yelled a stocky man.

Pellonis turned to look at the man jogging up to him, "What, old man?!"

"Don't back sass me, boy! Your mother wants you to pick up a dozen eggs after you finish your guard duty." replied his father.

"Ugh. It's bad enough I have to play babysitter on such a perfect day, now I am an errand boy too!"

"Just do it!" exclaimed Pellonis' father, "and do not let the Echleons hear your blasphemous talk. Every resident of Yria has to participate in guard duty when they reach the age of 15. You have been 15 for the past 6 months, and yet, you still have not done your guard duty. Instead, you have been tricking other children to do your job for you while you spend your days fishing!"

"I wasn't fishing, old man." interrupted Pellonis, "I was merely watching the fishing pole for a friend."

Pellonis' father scowled at his son, "Never-mind, what you were doing! All that matters is you were not doing your duty! If the Echleons were to hear.."

"About my treachery, I would be ostracized from Yria, never to be heard from again," interrupted Pellonis again, "Yeah, I know old man. You have told me over and over again for the last week since you found out about me skipping guard duty."

"And yet, you still do not understand how grave your actions were!"

"How was skipping guard duty over a little girl so treacherous, old man?" replied Pellonis, "She's what? 14 now. Why is everyone in Yria expected to watch over this girl? She's a non-entity!"

"She's a non-entity?! Do you not listen when the Echleons speak? That...girl" he spat, "is a danger to not just Yria's well-being but everyone within Eleusia! Her destiny is to..."

Pellonis turned away from his father and began to walk away.

"Yeah, yeah. Her 'destiny'. I know all about her stupid 'destiny'."

"Listen to me Pellonis! Her destiny is no laughing matter. She will be the end to all of us!" yelled his father as Pellonis continued down the pavement.

"Yeah old man, the little girl is sooo going to end us." Pellonis laughingly replied.

Pellonis' father sighed and walked back to his home, "Kid's these days, have absolutely no respect..."

Author's Note:

And thus, begins my story about destiny. I hope you enjoyed this story I am attempting to write! I have never written a story before, so please review below (trolls are welcome!).