Copyright 2013: All characters, plots, and title belong to Reagen Dozier (the creator and author)

Chapter 2: The Tiny, Golden House

Beyond the River Theron sits a tiny house. This tiny house is made of aged lumber, lovingly lacquered to create a golden finish. Windows are carved into the brightly-colored wood with long black, steel bars, and a once magnificent garden sits abandoned in the foreground of the beautiful, golden home. The stone steps leading into it are shattered and the pieces haphazardly thrown into the scorched earth. In front of these steps, stands a ten-foot stone and steel garrison that completely surrounds the tiny house. Three posts are at each corner forming a perfect triangular shape. At each post, a guard is stationed with weapons of mallets and longswords.

Within this tiny, golden prison, a young girl slept until a giant grey rat pounced on top of her bed and screeched:

"Wakey, wakey, my favorite, little prisoner! It is another BEAUTIFUL day in Yria!"

Startled awake, the young girl smacked the rat off her bed into a wall.

"Ouch!" cried the rat as he slide down the wall onto the wooden floor, "Don't damage the goods, Sol!"

"Bacy, how many times have I told you to let me sleep?! Nothing awaits me in the morning, but brightly lit desolateness," proclaimed Sol while tossing the sheet to the side of the bed and lowering her feet to the floor.

"Every morning should be celebrated Sol! Mornings bring about new days and changes upon the horizon."
"Changes for who?"

"Everyone and everything!"

"The only change the day brings to me is closer to death."

Bacy looked up at Sol and responded, "You don't mean that. Everyone wants to live. Even the ugliest creatures in the deepest pits of Thrateus wants a chance to survive and thrive."

"I meant exactly what I said."

"No, you don't mean it! Without you..."

"Eleusia would be a better place!" Sol interrupted, "Never forget, Bacy, my destiny."

With that remark, Sol slowly pulled herself from her cot and dragged herself to her barred window.

Bacy scoffed, "Destiny! You humans and your 'destiny'! If the humans are so afraid of you why don't they just kill you instead of starving you in this prison!"

Sol smiled as she gazed at the sky and responded, "Whoever said they haven't tried? Apparently, death does not come easy for a destined murderer."

Bacy scampered next to Sol and curled around her feet while letting his tail rhythmically hit the floor.

"You have to stop believing what those idiotic humans tell you Sol! We have to find you food! You have barely eaten in weeks; you won't last long if we don't get you out of here!"

"And go where, Bacy? Everyone in this town knows what I look like and even if I made it to the border of this town I would never make it through the Ateria Forest. I am too weak." replied Sol.

"Then let me bring you food so you can get stronger!"

"Do you know what the townspeople will do to you if they found out you were helping me? They would burn you alive like they did to my Aunt and Uncle. Not only that, Bacy, they will make me watch so I can learn that death comes to anything that helps me!"

"Sol..." Whispered Bacy.

"I can't go through that again, Bacy. Your have been my only friend for 4 years; if you were to die because of me I don't know what I would do..."

"Screw, the consequences! Do you know how I will feel if you were to die? Your my best friend so I am bringing you food whether you want me to or not! I am getting you out of this godforsaken place as soon as possible!"

With that remark, Bacy uncurled himself from around Sol's feet and jumped onto the window sill. He squeezed himself through the bars and scampered away.
Sol watched Bacy until he was no longer visible. She slowly turned back to the cot and eased herself onto it.

"What a fool.." She whispered while staring at the blank walls of her cell.