The Kingdom of Cards was once in the middle of a great war. There was pain and death everywhere, the people were scared and hope was almost nonexistent. That was until King Chester took the throne. He was kind and kept his people safe, until one night when a neighbouring kingdom attacked. The people fought back with all their might and never gave up. But the other army was stronger and killed many people, including King Chester's beautiful wife.

With a heavy heart hey told his people that he would not lose anyone else to a war that they wanted no part in and that the only way to keep them safe was to keep everyone out, so they must build a wall that surrounded the kingdom and its fields. The people scared for their lives agreed and the kingdom lived in peace for years. That was until five teenagers, four from out in the kingdom and one a maid working inside the castle, started a rebel group that planned to kill the king.

When word got to King Chester he immediately, and with a lot of regret, told all maids that they may no longer leave the castle in fear that they might leak information to the rebels. This stunned the rebel teenagers and angered them farther. So when they discovered underground, their plans continued on without a hitch. King Chester was oblivious to the problem at hand so when the rebels attacked no one was expecting it. Luckily the rebels were stopped quickly and the rebel leaders were thrown out of the kingdom. Not wanting to have another uprising he had to break up the kingdom into four districts. The four districts were named, Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts, and Spades.

With no son to pass down the crown to, thus the royal blood line was going to end. He thought over it for days until a maid came up with the idea to train a young boy from each district to become a proper king. The only problem is that there can only be one king so one of the four must be chosen to be the next king. King Chester was ok with the idea, even if it meant picking favorites among the princes. So it was done and four boys from the districts were chosen, and thus the peaceful Kingdom of Cards in which we know today, was born.

Or at least that's what is told…