Emma's P.O.V.

"Emma it's time to get up." Someone said shaking my shoulder causing me to break out of the dream I was very much enjoying.

"Cinq minutes de plus." I mumbled out.

"Emma you know that I don't speak that god awful language you call French." The person, who I now recognized as my stuck up roommate Chloe, said pulling off my blankets.

"Vous êtes une chienne Chloé!" I yelled at her in French. "Fine, fine I'm up." I said my sleepy French accent slurring a bit of my words. The sound of door closing let me know that I was finally alone. I let out a sigh and got out of my comfortable bed to get ready for the day. After I had pulled on my blue dress, which reached just below my knee I looked up at the clock.

Mon dieu! It's already 4:30! I still have to eat! I quickly did my makeup which consisted of blue eye shadow, blue lipstick, and the mandatory blue diamond that started just under my left eye and ended parallel with my lips. I have ever told you how much I hate the colour blue. I mean I hate it with every fiber of my being.

I rested my forehead against the cool mirror. "Eh bien j'ai du travail a faire."

"Good morning Emma!" Said the bright and bubbly maid Penelope, who works for the Prince of Spades (aka Prince Alfred), as she skipped up to me.

"Bonjourà vous aussi Penelope." I smiled back at her. She tilted her head a bit to the side. "Oh I'm sorry; I keep forgetting that not everyone here speaks French. I said, good morning to you too Penelope."

"Emma you have to teach me french one day. You know I'm dying to learn, and besides the fact we come from a kingdom that speaks four different languages, so I think I should know more than just one!"

"Pen if I could teach you, you know I would. But I am not allowed to, you that." I said tucking a strand of my black hair behind my ear. "Now if you'll excuse me I have to get my Prince's tea ready for the morning."

She giggled and then glanced down at her watch and let out a small squeaked. "EEE! Your right, better get everything finished!" She dashed off towards the yellow part of the multicolored (ginormous) kitchen. I rolled my eyes at poor Penelope's kind of scattered mind as I made my way to the blue part of the kitchen. The Prince of Diamonds drank a lot of wine, so my part of the kitchen was always stocked full of the stuff. Due to the fact that the Prince of Diamonds drank a lot of wine he always woke up with a hangover (he will deny that it is a hangover and say it is nothing but a headache), so on top of my kitchen being always stocked with wine, it is also always stocked with a hangover curing tea. Placing everything I would need to get the Prince up (and his hangover gone) on a cart, I made my way out of the kitchen.

The sound of my high heels clicking against the floor echoed around me in the empty blue (of course) hall. I reached elegant sky blue (fucking blue) door with three minutes to spare. I pushed open the door and quietly tiptoed into the room. Walked over to the curtains I cracked them open slightly. A sad smile broke across my lips at the sight of the District of Diamonds. I see this sight every morning, and it does the same thing to me every day.

The District of Diamonds is where I grew up with my stepsister Annalise. We were the best of friends, two of the same person, and kind of creepily alike. But unfortunately, today on March 30, I Emma-may Richards would be missing her sixteenth birthday. I missed all of her birthdays after her eighth.

I shook my head. 'No Emma, you mustn't think of this right now. You have work to do.' I opened up he curtain's and almost let out a laugh at the groan that came from behind me. "Good morning to you too Prince Francis."

Translation notes:

(if anyone can actually speak french let me know if i get anything wrong. I'm using google translate)

Cinq minutes de plus = Five more minutes

Vous êtes une chienne Chloé = you are a bitch Chloe

Mon dieu = my god

Eh bien j'ai du travail a faire = well i have work to do

Bonjour à vous aussi Penelope = Hello (good morning) to you as well Penelope