Ria's P.O.V.

I finished my painting just as the sun began to rise. The sun rise that I had painted had so much more colour than the one I saw from the roof of my family's house. Every time I paint scenery I wonder if it is real or just a figment of my imagination.

"Ria get up! It's time from breakfast!" my father called up to me just as I slipped in my open window.

"Okay dad I'll be right there," I called back. Slipping on a pair of old jeans I made my way done to the first floor of my family's two story house.

"Morning dad," I said as I grabbed an apple from the counter, "How was your night?" he just shrugged and continued on with making breakfast for my brothers. I belonged to a pretty big family. In total there was about eight of us, not including our parents. The oldest child, and my only older brother, was to be married off in a few days. I, at 16 years old, would be married in a couple of years. For my six younger siblings it didn't really matter, they were too young to care about yet.

"Morning little sister," Zac said ruffling up my hair.

I smoothed down my hair and turned to face him, "What was that for?"

"No idea."

"You suck. I'm heading to school. Say hi to mom for me," with that I skirted out the door and on to school.

*~~~~*(Magical Time Skip)*~~~~*

I was walking down the streets of the District of Spades on my way to my grandma's like I did every day after school. My parents worked and I hated the feeling of an empty house. That and grandma always told the best stories. I quietly opened up the door to my grandmother's old house and stepped inside.

"Grandma I'm here," I called softly.

"I'm in the living room dear," she called back. I walked into the beautiful living room that was filled with pictures of my family's past. The oldest picture being of my great-great-grandma when she was a child, "How was your day?"

"Fine, the best part of it is always coming here though," I said smiling as I joined her at the couch. "What did you do today?"

"Nothing of the unusual dear, but I did come across a new story, if you wish for me to tell it to you," my eyes sparkled instantly at the news of a new story. Hey, I may be sixteen but I still have to heart of a five year old, "I'll take that as a yes then. Ok, this story is about how the kingdom came to be."

I rolled my eyes, "Grandma, you've told me this story a thousand times. You must have something else to tell."

"Oh but dear, this is not the story I have told you before. No this story tells the truth, not the fabled lies."

"What do you mean grandma? Isn't the one that you told me true?" I asked confused on how the story told to all children at a young age, could be a lie.

"Neither do I dear, but what I tell you is the truth," I motioned for her to start the story, "Well look who's an eager beaver today. Well anyways, the Kingdom of Cards was once a strong united kingdom, with no walls separating anyone. It was ruled by a noble king who loved the people of his kingdom. The king had only one son before his loving wife passed away, his name was Chester.

"From the time he was young Chester seemed to be a perfect match to be the next king. Kind, loving, and caring, but firm and strong so no one would challenge his authority. But looks can be deceiving and when he took the throne when his father passed away his true personality began to shine through. He was harsh and struck fear into the citizen's hearts. Many fled the kingdom which left Chester very angry, so he gathered the strongest builders in the kingdom and told them to build a wall around the kingdom.

"The builders built a wall the encircled the kingdom and its fields with one gate leading to the north so the king could traverse to other kingdoms. Soon king Chester was bloated with the power of being able to tell the people of the Kingdom of Cards what to do, where to go, and how to live he made sure that the maids of the castle could no longer leave to see their families. This spiked anger throughout the kingdom, and five teenagers, four from out in the kingdom and one from inside the castle, started a rebellion.

"For months the teens worked on building the rebellion from the underground tunnels what spread across the entire kingdom, and on one rainy night they attacked. The rebellion was quickly killed and the five teenagers executed for treason. King Chester was infuriated by the fact that his people rebelled against him. He ordered the builders to build a wall around the castle to keep people out, and split the kingdom into four. The builders, who could not defy the king, did as he asked. And with that the four districts were made.

"The king ran across another problem, he had not married anyone so he had no heir. So he decided that a young boy from each district would be chosen to be a prince, and when they reached the age of twenty he would choose between the four to be the new king. And thus the Kingdom of Card in which we know today was born."

I stared at her in shock, "Grandma that cannot be true. King Chester stopped the fighting, not started it. The only reason the walls went up was because the fighting amongst the people and the wall around us keeps us safe from attackers. The maids cannot leave because they liked information to rebels from inside the castle. The only reason why they still keep the maids in the castle is because they do not want a repeat in history." I stood up shaking my head and ran from my grandmother's house heading nowhere in particular.

I love how this chapter turned out. The history of the kingdom is kind of crazy if you ask me. if you want to know the fable that Ria wants to believe is true just ask and I'll post it on my profile. Till next time