Hello! I hope you guys like this! It's very heartfelt! Poor kids! ?¬ンᄂ?¬ンᄂ

"Julliette! Take Jamari to the park!" my father called down the stairs.

"ok!" I yelled back. I grabbed Jamari, my baby sister. If you're wondering why my parents named her that, it's French meaning warrior. My parent liked things like that, they-or he-had a a room for his swords and glass balls, it had all three of us very confused. You must be wondering why I only mentioned my dad with the swords and such, my mom had died giving birth to Jamari, we had but one picture of the two of them, in the hospital about three minutes before my mom's final breath. I gathered Jamari into her stroller, grabbed my key and phone, and started the two block walk to the park.

When we got there, I sat down on a bench and talked to Jamari, "I miss mom too, you know?" I said, silently laughing to myself, as I was talking to baby, basically having a one-sided conversation...talking to myself for those of you who don't know what that means.

"I know, it's as if we got cut the bad, molded end of the bread, but to make it even worse, all five if us had to split that molded end" I murmured.

She giggled as a squirrel scampered past us. "you won't be doing that much longer" I murmured, getting up and starting the walk home.

When we entered the house, we were greeted by my brothers, Justin and Jason practicing their plastic swords, dad enforced the rule. For some unknown reason, he wanted us to have amazing sword skills, it was all very confusing.

"Alright, Julliette you have been ambushed, har no weapons, and to top it off all five if the people who attacked you have guns and or swords" my father said after I put Jamari in her crib thing in the kitchen. He had gotten like holograms of people who I was supposed to fight.

I was believe it or not, a black belt in karate. I took all of them out with just a few kicks and punches, it wasn't easy though, dad had set them to insane!

"That was your best time!" dad praised.

"How come she gets it easy?" Justin complained after loosing yet another fight against Jason.

"She doesn't, you're just a bad fighter!" Jason retorted.

"oh that's it!" Justin said, and then he lunged at Jason.

"Boys!" dad said, separating them from each other.

"I think Jason and Julliette should be practicing together!" Justin complained.

"We do!" I said.

"when?" Justin asked.

"When you're asleep" Jason said.

"Really?" Justin asked.

"yes, they do" dad said.

"Oh" Justin said, he looked slightly embarrassed.

"Julliette, I need you to come to the store with me" dad said.

"ok" I said, it was a three mile walk since we didn't own a car.

"we're taking a quick detour" dad said when we passed a forest-like area.

"um...ok?" I said, unsure of how to reply.

"yeah, let's go" he said, and led me into the woods. We came to a clearing, and my dad gasped when he saw a guy dressed in all black standing there.

"stay here and don't let him see you" my dad said.

"w-what?" I asked. He shushed me, then pushing me behind a tree, went into the clearing.

"ahhh, George!" the guy said when he saw dad.

"Eric" dad replied, I could tell he didn't like the guy.

"why so mad?" Eric asked.

"it's your fault she's dead! Yours!" dad said.

"now George we dont know that" Eric said.

"yes! We do!" dad shouted, hitting the guy.

"now no need for violence" Eric said.

"Tell me! Why?" dad asked.

"It's not my fault Anna died!" the guy, Eric protested.

This guy was the reason for my mom death! Not Jamari!

"but...if you insist, we can have some violence" Eric said. He pulled out a little, silver pistol.

"Eric" dad said, warning in his tone, "you dont wanna do that"

"if you take one step closer or farther from me, I will shoot" Eric said.

"I'd like to see you try" dad said, oh goodness, dads always been too cocky. He took a step, Eric shot, and I ran, tears streaming down my face.

Poor Julliette! She witnessed her dads murdering! What will she tell the others?

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