Things are getting pretty though in the coumpound these days, with the shortage of food and basic supplies, making even more threatening the subtle appearance of what could be some epidemic disease that involved hallucinations, partial blindness, high fever and chest pain. But nevermind, as long as i have my brother around me, i don't worry about my fate that much. Since daddy died, he has been the only remnant of safety i could get attached to. We had our mother, but she was remotely like the maternal figure people have.A depressed, distant, mad person, indifferent about anything that happened around her. The years passed by, and we learned to take care of ourselves. It was difficult at the beggining, but we managed to stay alive with the salary my mother got working in the apothecary. It wasn't that much, but once a week we had a pretty decent meal. When the war started, 2 years ago, her life sinked into an ocean of nightmares and hallucination, that soon led to a death written upon diagnosis.