I woke up screaming. Even though nighmares were pretty common to me, i never managed to control my reaction over them. i got up, shaking nervously and with trembling knees to the mirror, looking at my moonlit pale reflection as i tried to forget the fact that each day i'm looking more like mother, with small and narrow green eyes, grayish blonde hair forming cascades of tangles across my back. I fought the urge to cut it short, but nowadays it really bothers me. I rolled it up in a bun, walked to the dresser and got the heaviest jacket i had and a pair of boots i got from Maya, my old roommate. wandering around town before dawn is somewhat dangerous, but at least i have 2 knives i robbed from the kitchen months ago. They aren't deadly blades of doom, but they could help me somehow. Hiding the bigger one in my boots and the other one in my pocket, i opened the window silently, feeling the cold breeze in my face as i crawled through it, grabbing the nearest pipe so i wouldn't fall from the 5th floor. "Remember, one hand at time" i whispered to myself while climbing the rusty ladders that led to one of the courtyards. I sighed in relief when i finally heard the dry leaves cracking with my weight and the crickets singing. I looked around, regretting that i didn't had a flashlight, but when i turned around, i saw a little light in the woods, coming closer each breath i took,making me shiver and reach for the knife in my pocket, even if i knew it would be useless. i pressed my back against the wall, trying to hide, but they noticed was no escape.