Roasted Papayas For Pudding

Chapter 1: The Journey

9 am: Today is the day I embark on the adventure of a lifetime! I am going with my friends on a trek in the Amazon. I will be away for a month, but I think everyone at home will survive without my saintly presence.

10:30 am: Have arrived at Gatwick airport with my friends: there's: me (Tilda), Mimi, Clare, Emily, Sophie and Molly. Once we had checked in, got through passport control and got on the plane I was exhausted and there was still a 10-hour flight to go! Luckily, I am with Mimi and since she spent all night with her boyfriend Tom (no prizes for guessing what they were doing) she's exhausted, so she's probably going to sleep, listening to her iPod, I don't know what use that would be in the Amazon, and moping about missing Tom.

I don't think I'll be too bothered by her; all I need to worry about is Clare and Sophie behind me constantly poking their heads through, and Molly and Emily in the front. Emily is prone to snore and Molly giggles at everything, so I'll have Emi snoring and Molly snorting!

11:30pm(English Time): Finally arrived in the Amazon. This is a teeny airport compared to the one in Rio. It's so cute (It's made of wood and corrugated iron, ever so slightly scared!).

2:21 am (Amazon time): We are having dinner now. Apparently we are going to this shack to have sandwiches.

2:24 am: They were so lying about that shack thing; it's just a tent with some wood suck on. How stupid do they think we are? Actually, don't answer that…

2:33 am: Think I have just had Iguana disguised as chicken (oh god). Hope the journey to the camp is not too hard.

4:37 am: Finally! We have arrived! I am sharing a tent with Mimi and Clare. I feel sorry for Sophie and Molly 'cause they are sharing with Emily the Snorer! Got to turn my torch off now because Mimi is getting annoyed. Will write more tomorrow. Mimi has just tried to pull the pen out of my hands, so will actually stop now! Goodnight...