Chapter 2: Birds and Boats

4: 06 am: Yes! We are actually in the Amazon! If you ignore the fact that I got woken up at 3 am by something big chewing the tent (probably just Molly, she did say she was worried about eating the food here), this is definitely the best day of my life! Clare is still asleep, but Mimi is awake, and we are discussing what we hope we are going to do today, our first day in the Amazon!

6: 28 am: Clare has finally woken up! I have realized how spoilt I am: I feel so desperate for my morning hot chocolate! I asked our guide, Becca, if we would be doing anything exciting on our first day. I like to know what's going on because I once went on a trip to Paris, the city of (in my case, not much) love where everyone else had decided that they were going on a trip. I however was asleep, and they left me behind, with no idea where they were! Becca says we are going on a boat trip. I just know what we are going to see, we will be on a big open deck boat going down a big river with jungle and luscious plants going past us like a never ending tapestry. (Please note the poetic-ness)

6: 50 am: When everyone was awake, we all went to Becca's tent, only to find that she wasn't there! Everyone panicked but Emily (who was still half-asleep) just said 'Huh?' We walked around hysterically, then Molly screamed, who else would, everyone dashed to where we were half expecting to find Molly being mauled by a lion (make that a jaguar- I don't think lions exist here) She was standing at the foot of a big tree staring upwards, and no it wasn't a Brazilian leprechaun (do those exist?). It was none other than Becca! We all have our own theories, my one is that she is a sloth in disguise, but Becca assures us she just likes sleeping up trees. She says it's calming. I must try sleeping up a tree, all the cool kids are: Becca, Katniss from the Hunger Games. Need I go on?

7: 00 am: We are having breakfast in our tent because it's the biggest I knew sharing with Mimi was a good idea, she always got what she wanted) We have fruit salad of mangoes, papaya, passion fruit and a random other fruit I can't identify, but it's still tasty.

7:15am: Maybe that purple and orange spiky fruit wasn't such a good idea. Becca says it's poisonous, but she's given us the antidote, so we probably won't die. Never trust a colour clashing fruit…

8: 30 am: We're on a boat going down the Amazon! I have a little book about the animals in the Amazon and I am currently trying to work out what this really colourful bird is.

8: 35 am: I have given up on my little book, Becca is much more helpful. Apparently they are called Carpenter Birds and one has just done a poo on Mimi's back, wonder if I should tell her…

Sophie is manically taking photos and Clare is feeding a Toucan (which she has called Percy) the crusts of her sandwiches.

1:00pm: Ok just came back from the loo for the 16th time today, maybe that antidote wasn't as good as Becca said but Hey! At least we're not dead…yet. We've just come back from our boat trip, which was really fun but a bit too long; I mean natures great and all but 5 hours? I think Becca actually got a bit lost and that's why it took so long. Becca, if you're reading this, (which you shouldn't be, why are you reading this!?) that was obviously a joke.

While I have some time, I'll describe the camp to you. It's quite near the river Amazon but not directly on the banks. The whole camp is in a little clearing among the endless trees and undergrowth. You have to walk for 2 minutes to get to the so-called 'loo', (which as you know I have been visiting rather too much for my liking) it isn't much of a toilet but I won't go into that! Even though we're not right next to the river, there's a kind of 'window' in the trees where you can see the Amazon. There are 4 tents but Becca's is the smallest by far. In the middle of the camp there is a big campfire, which I hope we will be using. Hopefully there will be marshmallow trees near here!

1:10pm: Becca just told me that marshmallows don't actually grow on trees! Apparently they're made of pigs or something, Eeeew who knew?

1:11pm: By the way if anyone's reading this (little bro I'm looking at you!) I do know that marshmallows are made of pig. Just to clear that one up…

6:06pm: I have been mourning for the past 6 minutes; the lacks of channel four in the amazon… I MISS THE SIMPSONS!