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Scarlet sat in the dusty basement of the castle. The shackles on her wrists and ankles had gnawed any flesh that she had on them. Her whole body was covered in dry and wet blood. Her clothes (or what was left of them) were ripped and dirt covered along with being incredibly stained with blood. Scarlet's face was covered in cuts and bruises that blended into the dirt that also covered her face. She hadn't washed her hair since she had been captured. Although dirt covered her body her pale skin was still visible and her eyes remained a blood red. Most people would be completely miserable in these conditions but Scarlet always found a way to make something enjoyable. She loved pain. Don't ask her why she just did.

Only a few days ago she was a free vampire, roaming the night and challenging any other vampire who dared to try to fight her. Her black hair was like the night and her slim but strong body was made to fight. Now she was in a human's castle and awaiting her sentence, death probably. Scarlet knew humans well. She knew their behavior, their day-to-day life styles and how they tasted. Scarlet smirked to herself when she thought of blood. She never knew what being human was like. Scarlet was a born vampire, she was among the strongest. Smirking still, she leaned her back against the cold stone wall.

"Vampire, get up!" squealed a guard.

Scarlet snapped her head and glared at the guards. They were dressed in black uniforms with red crosses at the neck collars. Scarlet was hauled to her feet and dragged upstairs to a massive room with three thrones. Each held a person. The first on the left held a teen boy looking at the age of 17. The middle on held a grown man looking at the age of 39 and the last held a graceful looking woman, she looked at the age of 34. Scarlet smirked, so these are the royals, Queen Grace, King Jack and Prince Adam. Not really impressive for rulers, though Jacky does seem a bit pissed off.

The king stood and walked over to Scarlet. Grabbing her jaw with power and examining her facial features. Scarlet resisted the temptation of biting the king's fingers off. Jack saw her eyes flash and backed away; he looked at his wife who only looked gravely at Scarlet. It looked as if the Queen didn't want her to die, funny thing for a pesky human to worry about a monster like her. What has the world gone to?

"Scarlet Rosewood, you know your crime and the punishment is damnation," Jack proposed as the guards held Scarlet back.

"Of course I know my crime, if I didn't why would I bother killing your brother?" Scarlet snapped back.

Scarlet remembered the night of his murder. Jacks brother, Charles, had murdered her family. Of course Scarlet wouldn't let little old Charles

Jack sighed and returned to his throne, tapping his fingers on the arm of the chair. His eyes grew hard and his hand waved Scarlet and the guards away. Scarlet felt the eyes of the prince stare at her with sadness. She arrived at the clearing where she would be dismissed permanently. The guards placed her head on a stone block, to their surprise Scarlet neither begged for mercy nor fought against them.

"If you are looking for screaming and pleading you won't find it here," Scarlet commented.

The guards sighed and raised a sharp axe above her neck and with one swift motion Scarlet's head dropped into a basket. Her face calm all for one thing, her signature smirk in place of a frown. Her blood dripped in a rhythm, drip, drip , drip.

The royal family was quiet that day; Queen Grace felt only sorrow for the vampire they had killed. Jack felt no emotion; he hated Scarlet for what she did and what she was. Adam was no longing in the throne room, he was in his quarters Adam stopped pacing and sighed, he thought Scarlet would one day make a fine queen. Those dreams were now impossible. She was now truly dead.

The guards stopped walking away from Scarlet's decapitated body when they heard a cold laugh. It filled the air as a darkness descended on them. When they turned around they saw a cloud of bats swarming Scarlet. They were terrified as her body rose and Scarlet's head reattached itself on her body. Her smirk only widened when she saw the guards.

"Hello boys," Scarlet sneered.

"Monster!" one guard stuttered.

"If I wasn't would I be standing here?" Scarlet questioned.

Scarlet smirked and with one quick motion she was behind the guards. Her fangs now bared and eyes brightly shining. One guard turned around at the wrong time and her fangs sunk deep into his neck, dripping blood onto the gravel beneath them. The other screamed in utter terror and fled the scene. The remaining guard, who was trapped in Scarlet's grip, withered away. He was nothing but a drained corpse as he fell to the ground. Scarlet wiped the remaining blood from her mouth and snapped her fingers as the corpse disappeared with the rest of the blood on the ground. Nothing was left that explained the event. Scarlet looked up at the west tower, it was the princes' chambers.

Her eyes softened then darted to the north tower, Jacks chambers. Her eyes hardened and she hissed under her breath. The east tower was the queens; Scarlet bowed politely and began to walk out of the castle. Her stride was confident and cocky. Scarlet whistled a happy tune as she passed dumbfounded guards at the castle gate. Scarlet turned to them and tipped an invisible hat then returned to the land before her.

"Great to be back," Scarlet declared.

Her eyes began to glow again as her clothes changed into her usual attire. Black cotton trench coat, black suit with a red tie and black leather knee-high boots. Her hair untangled itself and was now hanging to the middle of her back in a black river, with her bangs covering her left eye. A single spot of red on her clothes was a ruby necklace in the shape of a blood drop, the sign of The Unkillable. Scarlet smiled at the necklace and began walking towards the sunset. She had the night before her and it was home to the vampires.

Scarlet entered the small forest outside of the Royals Castle. Wolves greeted her with their song, crows squawked at the sight of her. Scarlet smiled and bowed, continuing to walk down the rugged stone path.

A rustle in the darkness jerked the female vampires' attention. A figure stood before her, its red eyes scanned her and a chuckle escaped its throat.

"Scarlet Rosewood, never thought I'd see the day you would return," The figure spoke.

Scarlet laughed and hugged the figure, "Daniel, you really need to stop scaring people, mostly me."

Daniel smiled, "Do you expect anything less from Death?"

"I guess not," Scarlet shrugged.

Daniel and Scarlet walked down the path, discussing the past and where they had ventured. Scarlet explained she had toured Rome, Italy and Germany. She also had gathered information that the humans had a bunch of kingdoms, spreading from Berlin to Portugal. Jack's brother was a king and had found out Scarlets lair. Daniel chuckled; even he knew that intruding into a vampire's lair was a death wish. Scarlet had returned from a night's hunt and found her farmhouse completely bare. She picked up the scent of the intruder and followed it to its home. Once he was asleep, Scarlet quickly slit his throat, watching the crimson blood spread across the white sheets. Scarlet smiled at her victory and hissed at the damned king. Somehow Jack found out and captured Scarlet the next day while she was in her farmhouse.

Daniel then explained that he had been bus in his own way, taking souls to the Hall of Judgment, dealing with the dead and killing intruders to the immortal world. Daniel wore the same necklace as Scarlet, the blood drops was black in his case. Daniel's clothes were not his usual; they were a simple black tunic and brown pants. His usual clothes were a tattered cloak and a scythe; they were what you thought Death looked like. His hair was a light brown and short, enough to make a graceful swoop across his forehead. Daniel blended into the mortal world extremely well compared to Scarlet.

"Shall we make our way to the Council? They have been waiting for us," Daniel spoke softly.

Scarlet groaned and nodded. The Council of the Unkillable was a group of all the non-human species, including fairies, mermaids, centaurs, vampires, witches and wizards, werewolves and elves. Each species had a representative, in the witches and wizards case the representative was the Child of Merlin. He or she had the overall power of the group, since Merlin had been the one who created the others. Each representative had an adviser, who made sure the representatives didn't say the wrong thing at the meetings.

Daniel and Scarlet entered the dark room, lighted only by a small fire and candles. The fire hovered in the air, blue and purple flames dancing in the endless dance which one had set for them. The table in the middle was round and made of elm, around it were six chairs. Each a different color for each kind, red for the vampires, peacock blue for the fairies, sea green for the mermaids, forest green for the elves, gold for the werewolves, bronze for the centaurs. The wizard chair was the largest among them, a bright purple covered the chair. Scarlet nodded at Daniel and sat in her seat, soon the other representatives appeared. Each wearing the designated clothing, the clothing they had worn on the first Council meeting.