Daniel hung around the back of the room, sharpening his scythe; he was always thirsty for battle. The bloodier the battle the more happy he was. Scarlet had fought beside him for years. Both of them became good friends after spending centuries together in the Council. The Child of Merlin was a woman, she looked about 20 with blonde hair that was tied into a ponytail and her small frame wore white robes, a dress fitted to her perfectly. Scarlet could not help but feel a twinge of jealousy towards her. Scarlets body was made for battle, littered with scars and fresh cuts. The Child's name was Angelina; her features fit her name perfectly. An angelic name for an angelic pansy, Scarlet thought bitterly. Daniel paid no attention to Angelina; he was more interested in his scythe.

"Welcome my dear friends, our Council meeting shall continue now since Scarlet and Daniel have joined us," Angelina spoke, gesturing to the two she had mentioned.

Raven, the representative of the fairies, glared at Scarlet. The vampires and fairies had never gotten along. Scarlet, along with the whole vampire community, thought fairies were supposed to be used as lanterns. The fairies thought of vampires as monsters lead by the lust for blood. Samuel, the leader of the Centaurs, saw the war between the two. Angelina spoke of the matters with the mortals finding out of Scarlets murderous event. Raven and her adviser only smirked while the others only shook their heads.

"Scarlet, you know that we are not to kill the mortals," Sebastian, the leader of the elves, acknowledged.

"Yes I know, but he raided my territory, that breaks the Code and makes me determined to kill that slimy mortal," Scarlet shot back.

"It is true, the Code does say if a mortal shall enter an immortal's territory they are a target for the immortals," Alexandria, the mermaids representatives, spoke up.

"Sebastian, we all know that Scarlet would not kill a mortal without knowing the Code," Leo, the werewolf, stated.

Raven slammed her tin hand into the elm table, making the sound ring in the room," Wrong! What about all those times she killed those soldiers of the mortals? She was in the mortal's territory."

Scarlet stood up, her fangs bared and eyes flashing, "I had my reasons, you unworthy insect!"

"Scarlet! Raven! Stop this at once!" Angelina demanded.

Daniel looked up and sighed, he took his place at Scarlets side. He was her adviser, even if she didn't want to have him think he was any less than her. Daniel accepted her opinion and kept his role, only to step back from her at times. Even he, Death himself, was scared of Scarlet when she was angry. Angelina thanked Daniel and sat down, joined by Scarlet and Raven. The meeting went on, subjects carrying from trading relations with the East to new kingdoms popping up. Scarlet kept silent, not wanting to have to kill Raven for saying something stupid. Scarlet thought that anything Raven said was stupid, since in Scarlets opinion she was just firefly needing to be squashed. Soon the meeting was over and each representative and their advisers disappeared. Scarlet and Daniel stood in the room, both silent.

"You know, Raven does have a point," Daniel stated.

"Yeah but she is also a flying insect worthy of being put into a lantern," Scarlet retorted.

Daniel sighed and walked out of the room, facing the gray landscape in front of them both. The both knew that Scarlet was wanted for murder in both the mortal and immortal world. Scarlet fought enough for her place on the Council; she used to be a beggar on the side of the road. Scarlet soon got strong enough to go into battle and she won the battle for the immortals. Daniel then became good friends with her and introduced her to the Council. They were reluctant to let her join but seeing the last representative for the vampires had passed, they let her lead the vampires.

"Daniel, do you think I'm a monster?" Scarlet asked softly.

"Scarlet, you know my thoughts about monsters and you are not a monster," Daniel reassured her.

Scarlet huffed, crossing her arms. She knew that Daniel would say that but what about her family? Scarlet had a family, she had a sister and…a… Well she didn't really know her parents but her younger sister was dear to her since the war had started to tear families apart. Her sister! She had forgotten about her!

"Daniel, my sister is alone at the farm!" Scarlet hollered as she ran towards her home.

Daniel followed after her, he had forgotten about Scarlets sister. Had the mortals found the young vampire? If they had was she already gone?

Soon the farmhouse came into view and the land around it seemed untouched. Scarlet nearly threw the door off its hinges as she opened it; Her eyes were glazed over with fear.

"Valarie, where are you?!" Scarlet screamed in fear as a few minutes past she screamed again.

As time passed a small figure appeared out of the bedroom door, it was a small child. She was about 7 or 8, with long wavy black hair. Her eyes were the same color as her clothes, a blood red.

"Scarlet, is that you?" the child yawned.

Scarlet ran and hugged the child, holding her close, "Valarie, it's me. I'm sorry I left you."

Valarie hugged her sister back and smiled, "It's not your fault that that mortal robbed us. I forgive you, I was so lonely waiting for you."

"You won't have to wait anymore," Scarlet whispered.

Daniel leaned against the back wall, smirking, "Aw, so sweet."

Scarlet stuck her tongue out at Daniel, "Grow up Danny."

Valarie, Scarlet and Daniel soon got a fire going in the cold farmhouse. They all told stories and laughed together. It had been like this before Scarlet had been named a criminal. The night was soon upon them, Valarie yawned yet again.

"Tired Val?" Scarlet looked at her sister.

"Yeah, a bit. I'll be going to bed Scarlet." The little girl left and Scarlet and Daniel could hear snoring from a room.

"Shes a nice little girl," Daniel commented.

"Of course she is! She is my sister!" Scarlet joked.

Scarlet and Daniel talked until it was late into the night. They stared at the glowing embers of the fire and both fell asleep.

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