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Why oh why did I set you to wake me up this early! I thought as I made my way out of bed. I grumbled as I slowly dragged myself to my closet. I wiped my eyes as I stood in front of my closet mirror. I saw a girl with blond strait hair that reached her mid back with brown eyes. She wore a baggy white shirt over her petite frame that reached her knees.

"Ah who are you!" I yelled as any form of sleep left. I blinked a few times as the girl did the same, copying all my movements. I blinked a few times before rubbing my head in irritation. Stupid dream I thought as I looked for my uniform.

My name is Yin Shiba, age 15 and let's get something clear… I'm a boy. I pulled on a black shirt which said "Never given" on it with blue jean shorts. I slipped on some blue shoes before making my way downstairs.

"How's my little princess doing" Mom said as she cooked breakfast. My eye twitched at her nickname but nonetheless I replied.

"I'm just fine, but I told you not to call me that!" I yelled as I took my seat on the table. My mom just laughed before setting down a plate for me. She made bacon with eggs and a glass of milk. As I started eating mom sat down with her morning coffee and sat there with a calm look. She seemed to be thinking about something as she didn't take a sip after her fist one a while ago.

I wondered what she's thinking as I made glances at my mom as I ate. She's a very beautiful woman with the same hair color as mine except hers were kept short. Her eyes though were a sea like green that seemed to stare into your very soul.

Wait…Stare I blinked as my mother was staring at me yet…not. "Um… mom, are you okay?" I asked as she seemed to snap awake. She gave me a smile before standing up and making her way to me. I got up and slowly backed away as she had that same look in her eye.

"Ohhhhh Yin" She said in an endearing tone. I started to sweat as I remembered how this all played out like last time. She moved with precise as her hand brushed past my head as I dived behind the living room sofa. She was so fast that I didn't see her right next to me. She tapped my shoulder which froze me in fear.

"Now m-m-mother p-p-please think about this" I stuttered out as I dared not to look. I could feel her smile as all of a sudden I found myself on the sofa wearing…wearing…

"AHHH NOT AGAIN" I yelled as I found myself wearing a cute little witch costume, with a skirt no less. Mom played no need to my protests as she took pictures of me. I sighed as I just sat there waiting for her to finish giving a pose here and there. Now before you judge let me tell you something, it involves the past which I don't feel comfortable with talking about.

"Oh I'm so sorry Yin I forgot to ask" She said in a so not guilty tone. I just rolled my eyes as I went to go back to my room to change.

Seriously she acts like a child I changed into a black short sleeved shirt that had some design of an angle and the same shorts I had on earlier. I looked out my window to see what lay wait for me. I got a small smile as this place had more nature then those big cites that lacked anything green. I always felt better near Mother Nature than anything else as it gave off a certain felling.

"Well no time like the present" I grabbed my bag before running downstairs giving my mom a quick kiss before going out the door towards school.

The orientation was pretty long but nothing I couldn't sleep through. After introducing us to how this school runs and that we have a week before we have to start wearing our uniform we made our way outside. We were given our schedule as we got into a line to leave the gymnasium. I went to my fist class so that I could get this first day behind because like all fist days…

"Hey how you doing" some random guy asked as he put his arm to the wall blocking my way. I fumed inside at my short stature but remained a calm face. I moved to go by him but he grabbed my hand. "hey now that's not very nice" I saw the perverted look in his eyes that is just sick I thought as I pulled my hand away.

"Don't touch me you pervert!" I yelled but it came out higher than I wanted it to. He seemed to get angry as he stood towering over me.

"You have no right to speak to your upperclassman like that" he said before getting a perverted grin, " I think an apology is in order." He moved in to grab me again before getting kicked into the wall. I was surprised as I saw some random girl kicking the guy over and over again. After she finished she turned to me with a smile.

"Are you okay" she asked me. She had brown hair that was tied into a ponytail that reached her neck with two bangs on the side of her face and blue eyes. She wore a blue shirt that hade in black letters "Boys Beware" on it and blue jeans. She was taller than me which already got me in a bad mood but she still helped me.

"I could've taken care of him myself you know" I told her as I looked at the student who would be out for the day. She lost some of her smile before getting a grin.

"Like a cute little girl like you can even hurt a fly" She teased as she rubbed my head. A tick mark grew on my head as I smacked her hand away only to have her place it back. I smacked it again only for her to place her hand back. This continued for a while before I finally jumped out of her distance. She pouted at me but I just turned away just to only find her hand back on my head.

"Okay thank you for saving me. You are my hero that I wish would take me down now and claim me as her own!" I yelled with as much sarcasm as I could muster, "I dream of you ravishing my body to the point where I only react to you and only you," I continued, "Only you and I mean only you would have the privilege of me so let us bask in our passion and go like dogs in heat as we go on and on and on and on!" I barked only to stop at the blushes the people had around us. I turned back to the girl who now had a red up face that seemed way unnatural.

"W-w-w-waaaa" She stumbled on her words as she tried to say something only for the bell to ring that told everyone was late. Everybody ran to their classrooms as to not be late for the first day. I left the girl in favor of not having to go through my mom's wrath if she found out I was late. As I sat down I thought went through my head.

Is that guy going to be okay without getting any medical attention I shrugged to my self as I waited to be called to introduce myself. Well so far it's been interesting

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