a/n: I don't normally write a lot of original stuff, or a lot of poetry either, but in honour of World Teacher's Day (yesterday) I wrote a cheesy little bit of poetry. It's not meant to be a great piece of literature so please, no flames. I only wanted to say thank you to my wonderful teachers, who I owe so much!

Thank you for the very first day,

When you greeted us with a smile.

It calmed our childish nerves,

Even if it was just a little while.

Thank you for your patience,

Time and time again.

For giving us your recess,

So we could get ten out of ten.

Math can be tricky,

And science does not feel like floating on a cloud.

But at the end of all your hard work,

We hope we made you proud.

Sometimes we make mistakes,

Oh goodness, yes we do.

But you always had your words of wisdom

Thanks for being our voice of truth.

From September to June,

You are always by our sides.

You'll never how grateful we are,

Even if you tried.

Thank you Teachers

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