To Die by Your Side is Such a Heavenly Way to Die.

We lie there, you and I, I and you. We lie for what feels like forever, dew soaked backs going unnoticed from the warmth radiating back and forth between us. I think. I think about us. About you. I glance at you, eyes half closed through lack of sleep. I drink in all your features like I'll never get another chance to. The crook in your nose; your ever so slightly jutting chin; your anxiety bitten lips; scar on your forehead from where you ran into a fence. Your imperfections make you perfect. The storm grey of your eyes go on forever, the window into your soul. I feel intrusive. I feel if I steal too much of a look I'll fall in, never to crawl out again. I wonder if I'd want to. I never want to leave. You and I, I and you, forever. Infinite. I wonder if you feel the same. You notice me at you and half smile sleepily. That gorgeous half smile I love so much.

'What are you thinking?' You ask, your tone of voice holding all the sweetness of the sun beating down on us. How do I answer? How do I sum up all I feel for you with a simple sentence? This task is impossible. You query me with your storm eyes, a feat only you so far have accomplished. Your eyes say so much. To communicate without words. I long for such a skill. I think for a brief moment more. Then I finally say:

'To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die'.