Summary: Andrew is a hunter, he and his family track down and kill monsters. Then he is saved by a beautiful girl, and he is thrown into a deadly family feud.

Dani was a hunter, now she is a vampire, hunted by her family who wants her dead. For a year she has managed to keep one step ahead of them, then she saves Andrew fro a werewolf and finds herself falling in love.

When her family catches up to her, there will be hell to pay.


Andrew sat on the bed, his heart pounding as he held her close to him.

He felt her teeth pierce his skin, he flinched at the pain, but it only lasted for a second, then all he felt was pleasure.

She held his arm to her mouth, licking and sucking; drawing blood from the small wounds.

She felt him quivering beneath her, his breath shaky as he held her close.

Neither of them heard the door open or the sound of bags dropping to the floor, not even the shocked gasps of horror drew their attention.

"What the hell?!"

Andrew's heart stopped at those three angry, shocked and horrified words.

Dani leaped off him, her eyes round with shock.

Henry scowled, his eyes drifting from Andrew to Dani and back. "What the hell is going on here?"

Andrew swallowed nervously, standing he wrapped an arm protectively around Dani's shoulders.

"This is Danielle," Andrew said quietly looking almost fearfully into his father's eyes, "she's my girlfriend."

Two Months Earlier.

Andrew lay on the ground, his chest heaving as he fought to breathe.

His ears still ringing from the gunshot, he struggled to rise looking for his saviour; hands pushed him gently back down to the ground.

"Don't move, just lie still ok."

Her voice was oddly strained as she tied his belt above the vicious clawed gashed in his leg.

Andrew winced, swallowing he blinked his vision blurring.

"You're gonna be ok," her voice seemed far away.

Groaning Andrew closed his eyes, his head throbbed painfully. Then, as he remembered his eyes flew open, they'd been hunting a werewolf, he'd been attacked.

Oh god, please no! Staring up into her face Andrew swallowed, "did it b-bite?"

She smiled and shook her head, "no. It just gave you a good scratch," a hand stroked his hair, "just relax ok. I've called an ambulance, you're ok."

"You're ok."

The words seemed to fade, his vision spiraling into darkness.


The voice was gruff, worried. Andrew groaned, willing it to go away, to let him sleep a while longer.

"Andrew? Come on Kiddo, open your eyes for me."

Groaning again Andrew forced his eyes open, bright light assaulted them and he gasped, squeezing his eyes closed again.

"Close the blinds James," his father's voice, gentle, soft.

Andrew blinked and stared into his father's worried eyes. Relief flashed across his face.

"Thank god," he smiled a hand ruffling his hair. "You gave us a good scare Kiddo," he said still smiling.

Andrew frowned, what? Blinking he looked around them, he was in a hospital... A hospital! What had happened?!

"Hey," James leant over him, "it's ok Andrew. Just relax, you're ok."

Andrew frowned as the words tugged at his memory, then it all came back; the werewolf, the attack, the girl.

Wincing he sat up slowly, "did you see her?"

James frowned at him, "who?" He asked, genuinely confused.

Andrew frowned, "the girl who saved me." He glanced around the room, besides his father and brother they were alone.

Henry looked at Andrew and shook his head, "when the ambulance arrived, you were alone. No one knows who called, or where they went."

Andrew frowned, shaking his head he sunk back into the pillows.

"Was she pretty?" James asked with a grin, his eyes gleaming.

Henry looked at him and shook his head, "that's really not important."

"She was beautiful," Andrew said softly, he frowned and cocked his head. "She stroked my hair..."

James laughed, grinning he shook his head. "But you have no idea who this chick was?"

Andrew shook his head, "no." He had no idea; he hadn't even asked her name.