Summary: Andrew is a hunter, he and his family track down and kill monsters. Then he is saved by a beautiful girl, and he is thrown into a deadly family feud.

Dani was a hunter, now she is a vampire, hunted by her family who wants her dead. For a year she has managed to keep one step ahead of them, then she saves Andrew fro a werewolf and finds herself falling in love.

When her family catches up to her, there will be hell to pay.


They were vampires. Every instinct told him to kill them, before they killed him; normally he would have without question, but lately he was questioning a lot of things. James sighed and shook his head, in five days, everything he thought he knew had changed...

All because his little brother had fallen in love with a vampire - a good vampire. Five days ago, he would have said there was no such thing. But he had seen it; had seen Dani save Andrew from her psychopath parents, had seen her worry and concern for Andrew - both before the daring rescue, and after, when she had all but thrown herself into his arms.

If there were good vampires, how many other 'monsters' had they killed that hadn't been evil?

"Your kind aren't welcome here."

Whirling around at the angry snarl, James found himself staring at a tall, black haired vampire. "And 'my kind' would be...?" He knew the answer, but he wasn't going to let himself be pushed around.

"Hunters," The vampire sneered at him, "you should leave before you have an accident-"

"Dalis, enough." Nadia shoved him back, "this is James, Andrew's brother." She folded her arms, "while Andrew is recovering, he and his family are welcome here."

Dalis scowled, "hunters kill our kind Dia!" He argued, "they don't deserve to live!"

"Enough, Dalis..." Nadia shook her head, "I have opened our doors to Andrew and his family-"

"They'll kill us all in our sleep!" Dalis glared at James, "We would only be protecting ourselves."

"And after you kill Andrew's brother, how do you plan on explaining it to Andrew?' Irene appeared beside Nadia, looking at James, she smiled tightly, "Andrew's awake."

"Ah..." Sliding passed Dalis, James nodded, "... I'll go see how he is."

Irene shook her head as James left, "Andrew is your friend Dalis." She reminded the younger vampire, "for his sake, try to be civil."

"Why?" Dalis snapped, "they hunt our kind-"

"They've accepted that I'm not evil," Dani strode down the stairs, "This might be an opportunity to prove that the rest of us here are also no threat to them, or any other humans."

Dalis blinked, "they trust you?"

Nodding, Dani smiled, "Give them a chance, Dalis."

Growling, Dalis folded his arms. He didn't trust them, they were hunters - and hunters killed anything that wasn't human indiscriminately... But Andrew had believed them, had kept their sanctuary secret, had chosen a vampire over his family... Sighing he shook his head, "fine,Ii'll play nice with them." But if they even looked at him the wrong way, he wouldn't hesitate.


Andrew shook his head as James entered, "you picking fights already?" Dani had heard the exchange between him and Dalis, he'd known it wouldn't be easy - Putting vampires and hunters together was a bad idea, but he and Dani didn't have anywhere else to go.

"I didn't start anything," James sat on the edge of the bed, "how are you feeling?"

"Not bad..." Andrew smiled at his brother, "... now it only hurts if I talk, move or breathe."

Dani chuckled weakly, leaning against his side as she lay on the bed beside him. "An improvement then?"

"Rowan knows his stuff," the vampire was over 70 years old, as a human he'd been a doctor. Frowning, Andrew shook his head, "although next time he gives me something for the pain, remind me to tell him that I don't want to see in rainbow colours again."

James burst out laughing, "what did he give you?"

"Pethidine," Rowan walked in, chuckling as he glanced at Andrew. "Rainbow colours, huh?"

Andrew glared at him, "It's not funny."

Smiling, Rowan shrugged. "Alright, no more rainbow hallucinations for you then." Glancing at James, he shook his head. "Don't worry about Dalis," he said quietly, "he's just got... Issues, with hunters."

James snorted and rolled his eyes, "Yeah, I got that impression."

"Just stay out of his way," Rowan told him, "With Dani, Nadia and Irene keeping an eye on him, he won't give you anymore trouble."


Henry shook his head and sighed, nothing was what it seemed. Hunters had kidnapped and tortured his son, while vampires had saved him. part of him still wanted to deny it... But how could he deny what was right in front of his eyes? Nadia hadn't closed the club, and humans were mingling with the vampires even now.

They came in, and they left unharmed. It went against every instinct, but even he had to admit that Andrew had been right.

Nadia came up beside him, "You should be with your son."

"I can't..." He couldn't bare seeing Andrew laying in bed, in pain... Pain that had been caused by hunters - people who were supposed to protect humans.

Nadia nodded in understanding, "it isn't easy, when you see you own kind as the enemy."

"No, it isn't." Henry shook his head, "why did you change?"

Nadia shook her head. ""I never had to 'change'." She told the hunter, "After I was turned, once I realised what I was, I refused to take a single human life..." As Henry gaped at her, Nadia smiled, "I starved myself for months until I found out that a vampire could live on animal blood... And for over a century, I have continued to do so."

"You've never killed anyone?"

"No," Nadia shook her head, "I don't know if I could." Closing her eyes, she sighed, "so few decide to make the change..." She looked at Henry, "... even fewer keep with the change." There had been other vampires who had tried to refrain from killing humans, but so many of them were unable to adjust, and when they went back to preying on humans, they were even worse then they had been before.