Chapter 7

"You look rather happy today" said Fred, making Liam smile a little wider.

Fred and Liam were standing near the dance floor, watching their respective loved ones doing a crazy dance that had nothing to do with the song playing in the background.

Vivienne looked amazing in her wedding dress but somehow his eyes just wouldn't move from the bridesmaid, Lily, whose head was thrown back in laughter from something Vivienne said. She was a sight to be hold, beautiful and not for the first time, she stole his breath away.

When she entered the church that morning, following Vivienne, he lost his ability to breath and he had to remind himself of how to do it. Liam knew he had told her to let people figure out about their relationship, but his attitude at the church was a dead giveaway. He followed her every movement with his eyes, on his face there was probably love fool look and he was sure that it was all over his body language the desire to be next to her again.

"I'm" Liam said looking down at his glass, grinning. Fred laughed

"No second thoughts then?" Liam looked up and laughed. He had asked her to marry him. It was on impulse. The immense threat of her leaving, the fact that she was willing to throw everything away so just she could stay with him and the feelings she was still able to inflict on him made him do it.

He didn't even have a ring. But even then, she said yes.

"No second thoughts" Liam grinned "I still have to get a ring to make it official"

"And talk to her father" Fred reminded him. The ring on his left hand shone when it met the light

"Yeah…and that" Liam said slowly. He quite liked Lily's father.

When he first started to see Lily, the man intimidated him, always giving him the impression he knew exactly what Liam was thinking. But as Liam and Lily's relationship progressed, the man started to change his attitude, even teasing Liam when he saw him.

The playful teasing stopped when Lily went away, but even then when they saw each other on the street, he was nothing but cordial to Liam.

There was this one time, he was with Olivia and Liam swore he saw a flash of disappointment in his eyes, either way, he nodded at Liam with a small smile and continued his way.

"Olivia is trying to draw a hole in the back of your head with her eyes" Fred told him, but he already knew that as he could feel her gaze.

"I know" He said "I thought she wouldn't come to be honest" He took a sip of his drink

"She just wants to see if you got back with Lily yet" Fred told him "If she knew that you were already together before you were finished with her..." He let the thought die in his mouth and Liam took a deep breath, glancing at her and giving her a little wave. She shook her head and turned her head to her cousin, Peter, who had his arm around a very pregnant Joanne.

"You make me sound like a player" Liam chuckled, shaking his head

They were in silence for a while, each lost in their own world, Fred probably looking at Vivienne, just like Liam found himself watching Lily again.

They were both near one of Fred's sisters who had been a mother a little while ago. Liam never really thought about having a baby before, but as Lily warped her arms around the baby and brought him to her chest, Liam swore his world stopped.

He wanted that, just like that. He wanted a child with her, he wouldn't mind if it was a girl or a boy as long as it was theirs.

"With you and Lily it isn't just a relationship. She owns your heart and you own hers" Liam removed his eyes from the scene and smiled at Fred

"She gives me a purpose, you know…" Liam shrugged "It's like I wasn't really living before, but now I'm" His eyes turned to Lily again. She was smiling and talking with the other two women. Suddenly, Vivienne clutched her flat stomach as if she carried a baby inside. Liam smiled and was preparing to tease Fred about it as his friend's words stopped him

"You were the reason I asked Vivienne to marry me." Fred said suddenly, taking Liam by surprise. That was news to him

"What? Why?"

"Remember two years ago, on Lily's birthday? When you came to me and we went for a drink?"

"And I got really drunk" Fred nodded "You took me home" Liam said remembering Lily's words just a couple of days before

Fred nodded "Yeah" Liam nodded back

"I remember…parts of it…" He said carefully. He did remember coming to Fred and asking him to join him….the rest was a blur

"You told me what happened five years ago" Fred told him

They sat at the counter in bar stools; they were the last one's there. Liam kept drinking like he needed it to breathe. Bear after bear, shot after shot. Fred kept nursing his first bear in hand as he had an important exam the next day.

"I think you better stop" He advised Liam, who laughed dryly

"Yeah I thought about it as well, but look where it got me so far" He said miserably. Fred looked at him with confusion

"What are you talking about?"

"Lily…" He cleared his throat "It's her birthday today."Liam leaned his elbows on the table and supported his head on them "I can't stop thinking about her, Fred"

Of course…Lily…It's always her. Everything revolves around her. In the end, everything gets back to her.

"It's her birthday…its normal you think about her" Liam shook his head.

"I think about her all the time" He drank from his bear again "Even when I'm with Olivia. Sometimes, when we're…" Liam's cheeks turned even redder and cleared his throat "together, I have to stop myself from saying her name. I'm the worst sort of guy there is Fred…I'm worthless" Liam shook his head as he felt the tears burn the back of his eyes, he didn't mind it "I've made the biggest mistake of my life the day I let her go…I was stupid I just wanted to hurt her as much as she hurt me, but I've made it worst. It hurts even more than before." He said rubbing his chest "I've thought about going after her, going all the way and tell her to come back, to forgive me. But I can't." He had tears running down his checks. He cleaned them harshly with the back of his hand

"Why?" Fred asked. The sight of Liam like this was a surprise to him. They had known each other since they were toddlers and this was the first time he saw Liam cry.

"When you make a mistake, you have to live with it. I've made two. I let her go twice. Now I have to live with it" Fred felt like shaking him.

"Liam. Don't be stupid. Go after her mate!"

Liam shook his head

"Three years later? I let her go Fred, I had the most important thing in my life…Not only had I let her go as I pushed her away from me. And it kills me."

Fred stood in silence. No one really knew what happened that day, Liam had arrived at his house clutching to a gleaming Olivia, looking like he needed her to keep himself upright. He knew she was supposed to meet with Lily that morning; it was Fred himself that had advised him to do it. The only words he said was 'It's as over as it's this matter"

"What happened that day?"Fred asked him

Liam didn't said a word for the longest time, as he kept playing with his bottle

"We meet at the old house were we used to meet, over the hill…She said she was sorry…"

Fred listen to it all, picturing the moment in his head as Liam recounted his tale from the moment he met Lily and the one he turned his back on her, leaving her there all alone

"I slept with Olivia when I got out of there with her in my mind" He admitted "I wanted to go after her then. I told Olivia I had to leave and I went after Lily to the airport, but she had already left. She came to me hours before she left and I let her go…Damn! I was her fucking ticket plane!

"I lost her that day, over a stupid decision, because I was too proud to say I'm sorry and ask her to stay with me. I thought I could live with that, but I really can't. Without her this thing" he waved his arms around him "this doesn't make sense at all. Without her, I don't really feel like I'm living. I have to pretend Olivia it's her so I can make sometimes." Liam shook his head in disbelieve, he didn't bother to clean the tears.

Fred just looked at him too stunned to say whatever it was, that was how he felt about Vivienne, like she was the only thing that kept him to there, living and trying.

"Let's get you home Liam"

"What you said, made me ask Vivienne to marry me" Fred said simply. Liam looked at him, too stunned to say anything "I made it official months later with your help, but the thought came to me after you told me that"

"I…I don't remember anything" He admitted. When Fred asked him to paint Paris in Vivienne's bedroom wall, he never thought what made him do it, he just assumed it was right time to as Fred had been crazy about Vivienne pretty much since the first time he noticed her one afternoon sitting in the library doing her homework.

Fred nodded "I know. It's fine. You don't need to remember, because what you told me that day was exactly how you felt about her. So you do know what you said to me"

They were dancing, in the middle of the dance floor, some sloppy love song. His hands secure on her lower back while hers played with the hairs on the back of his neck as they stood cheek to cheek, swaying.

"Every man in this room is staring at you" He told her as he sent some of them warning stares. Lily laughed

"You're exaggerating" She told him quietly smiling, avoiding the fact that at least one of them , Fred's cousin, Oliver had come up to her a few minutes before, and not very eloquently, told her how nice she looked making her blush in the process with his poor choice of words. His thoughts soon evaporated as Vivienne pointed out Liam in the crown telling him that Lily was with him, so he better try someone else. Then it was his turn to turn red.

"It's true, you look beautiful in that dress" He told her, pulling her closer

"You look quite handsome yourself, mister" She said and buried her face into his neck. She missed him today. If she was feeling this way and they had only been apart for 24 hours, how would she be handling the next couple of months?

"I missed you today" He said at her ear, echoing her thoughts. She brought him closer to her

"I missed you too" She kissed his neck "Vivienne was a nervous wreck. She had a nightmare that Fred left her at the altar, took me an hour to convince her he would be there" Liam chuckled as his hands started to slide along her back, making her shiver.

"I bet that was fun" He said grinning as he realized his effect of her "Cold?" He was teasing her. She smiled

"A bit" She said trying to sound disinterested "This whole bare back thing isn't really working for me" He laughed and moved his head so he was looking at her, as Lily as in her hells, she didn't have to look up to look at him.

"Well" He said grinning and sliding his hands down again, the warm of his hands having the same effect on her. She closed her eyes "It's kind of working for me so…" She bit her lip and leaned her forehead on his. She opened her eyes, he was looking right back, the sparkle of happiness back in his eyes

"I love you" She told him quietly "I love you so much"

"I love you too, Lily" He said intensely as he moved his head back a little so his eyes could travel from her lips to her eyes "I feel like kissing you right now" Lily's tongue moistened her lips and Liam almost groaned

"What are you waiting for then?" She whispered getting closer to him. Liam just grinned before he closed the distance between their lips to kiss her tenderly

As they went to their little world, they never noticed the looks around them, one of sadness, others of surprise and many of joy.

Distantly there was a faint "Pay up!" followed by a very rich laugh that could only belong to Vivienne saying "No, you pay up!"

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