Chapter 8

Two years later…

Lily sat anxiously on their bed, her hand on her stomach, waiting for him to get home...Their bed, the one they brought right before their marriage, one year and a half ago.

Their journey hadn't been easy, full of mistakes and misunderstandings which they both avoided to talk about. It wasn't as painful now was it was before, but even so they both reached a silent agreement: everything that happened in the past had been discussed then and it shall rest there as they started to live in the present, preparing the future.

They still had their fights…Sometimes Liam ended up sleeping on the couch, only to be joined by Lily in the middle of the night, as she discovered that she wasn't able to sleep without him.

The most important thing was that every since the day she decided to come back and stay, not once she regretted saying yes to his marriage proposal. Both times.

Two months after they got together, on the day Lily arrived after getting all her affairs done, Liam was right there on the airport waiting for her…

She was tired, so tired that her only wish was to find a bed and crash in it for an indefinite period of time.

The last two months had been brutal on her. In between her shifts, getting her affairs done so she could leave and her relationship with Liam, sleep hadn't been a priority.

They talked over the phone, they text messaged and e-mailed each other, but it was not the same.

He even came to visit her once but it was over way too soon and it left her aching more than before.

But now, it was all over. She was home and at some point that day, she was going to be with him, without the looming thought of having to leave his side.

Lily removed her three bags from the rolling carpet with trembling hands. She was anxious about seeing him again later, as he knew that he wouldn't be there on the airport waiting for her.

He had called her yesterday saying that it had been a change of plans and he wouldn't be able to make it, but he would meet her at her house a couple of hours later.

It was Vivienne the one she was suppose to look for.

She moved her trolley with her bags to the arrivals area and looked for Vivienne's familiar face. She didn't find her. Lily frowned, if she had been there, Lily was sure Vivienne would be already shouting her name, clinging to one piece of paper with an embarrassing message on it. Maybe she didn't see her…

Lily ran the zone again from right to left.

At the end, her eyes stopped and widened in surprise. Liam?! The smile came involuntarily to her lips as soon as her heart started slamming violently against her ribcage.

Without thinking, she went to him, leaving her trolley behind and breaking into a run as he smiled and opened his arms to her. She threw caution to the wind as she jumped into his arms, her arms and legs around him as he laughed and swirled her around.

"I thought you had to work!" She told him kissing him right on the lips, telling him without words, how much she had missed him. As they pulled apart, he buried his face in her neck

"Vivienne told me to surprise you" He said, his already low voice muffed by her hair "Surprise" She clutched him tighter to her and kissed his shoulder

"I missed you so much" She said moving her head and looking into his bright eyes. He grinned and kissed her lips briefly.

"I missed you too" He said and put her on her feet again, not without pulling her close again to kiss her temple "Go get your trolley. Your family is waiting" His voice was near her ear and she could feel his warm breath on it, making her shiver. Shakily, she nodded and turned around looking for her things.

They weren't very far, so she quickly grabbed the handle and turn around, ready to start pulling it, but her already weak strength seemed to give completely away as she looked back at him.

Liam was on his knee, in the middle of the airport, with a ring on his hand.

Her brain started to slow down as she was afraid to move because she wasn't sure her legs would hold her up.

She discovered that somehow they did, as she moved to him with wobbly knees

"What are you doing?" She asked him quietly as she stood in front of him. His anxious grin appeared for a second, only to be replaced for one of the serious expressions she had ever seen on his face.

"I told you before you left that I'd do this right" He started "So, here it is. I'm doing this right. I talked to your father, I brought a ring, I'm on my knee and I surprised you." She laughed, she had to. He had said that when he dropped her at the airport two months ago.

"You are missing the main thing though" She said and his whole expression relaxed and he grinned.

They were drawing a small crowd now and some of them laughed as well

"Lily," Her breath hitched on her throat "will you marry me?" Lily couldn't fight her own grin. She bent her head and kissed his lips softly

"My answer is still the same" She said and smiled "Yes" Liam jumped to his feet grabbing her and twirling her around again as the little crowd around them clapped.

"I love you" He told her.

She smiled against his lips

"I love you too"

Lily put her hands on her stomach as the pressure on the pit of her stomach made itself present again and she wasn't sure if it was due to her anxiousness or something else. It was hard to tell these days… She smiled down at her middle and ran her hand from side to side.

From the corner of her eyes, she caught the green warped gift on top of the bed.

Today was Liam's birthday and his present was inside it.

She thought endlessly about what to give him, but as soon as she saw, the idea just popped into her head.

She felt him before she heard him open and close the front door.

"Lily?" His voice was tired and muffled by the closed bedroom door. Her heart started to beat faster and her stomach protested. 'It's going to be all right' She told him silently and took a deep breath

"In the bedroom" In five seconds, he opened the bedroom door. His hair looked dishevelled, the tip of his nose was bright red, probably from the cold of November, and his lips upon seeing her grinned as his eyes lighted up.

"Why are you in here?" He said as he got inside the bedroom and started to remove his coat, throwing it then to the love seat at his side.

Smiling up at him as greeting, Lily moved the warped gift behind her back, tucking it in her trousers. This was it…

She went to him and clutched his cold face in her warm hands. Liam groaned as he felt the temperature difference, moving his cold hands to her waist

"How are you feeling today?" He asked her, his voice still carrying the worried tone of the last few days.

"My stomach is still a mess, but I'm feeling well" She said "Don't worry" He nodded. Her hands went to his, in an attempt to warm them. He intertwined them.

"Still up for today?" They had a dinner scheduled for later with Vivienne and Fred, who were desperate to leave the house for a few hours. Lily nodded

"Vivienne would drag me off the bed if I wasn't" Lily told him "As much as I believe motherhood agrees with her, she is still a hormonal mess, her behaviour is still a little unpredictable. More than usual" A voice inside her head told her she was hormonal mess as well, but she shut it off

"Well, I'd protect you. Don't worry" He said pulling her closer "I'm serious though, if you want to stay home, we will. It took you a while to shake that bug off you" Lily shrugged.

There was no bug…she'd know it quicker if she had gone to see a doctor sooner…

"I'm fine, don't worry! It's your birthday so we have to go" She told him instead, smiling up at him "Happy Birthday, by the way"

"Thank you" He smiled back and leaned his forehead on hers "It's the second time today you wish me a happy birthday. I don't mind it much since you keep smiling at me like that" Lily pulled their lips together, a low groan escaping him.

"How was your day, birthday boy?" She whispered as he pulled apart and buried his face into her neck

"Tiring" He said as his lips found her pulse point. She closed her eyes "But is about to look up, though" She removed her fingers from his, burying them in his hair as he started to push her backwards towards the bed.

"I still have to give you your present" She told him as she realized his intentions, gasping as his lips worked their magic on her. He didn't stop, so she put her hands on his chest, pulling his face from her neck, creating some distance between them.

"You are my present" He moved his hands to her hips, almost finding his warped gift "Besides, I told you I don't want anything"

Lily smiled

"And you thought I'd listen to you because…" She teased him and he grinned rolling his eyes. Yes…Vivienne's habit caught up with them "Sit"

Liam took a deep breath and did as he was told. Lily moved in front of him, the smile still present on her face

"Are you going to strip for me?" Liam asked grinning up at her. Lily shook her head and with her right hand grabbed his gift "Well, one can wish right?" He shrugged. As he saw what she put in front of him, he raised an eyebrow.

"You warped this" He stated and Lily looked between the present, which was now in Liam's hand and his face

"How can you tell?"

"Too much adhesive tape" He said as he started to unwrap it.

From the moment he removed the frame from inside its package and looked at what was in front of him to the moment his eyes searched hers for some sort of explanation, Lily swore she stopped breathing.

The frame had space for 2 photos. The top one was an old photo. It was their first photograph as a couple and it took a lot of work to find... They were on a park, sitting in the green grass, their young joyful faces smiling up at the photo, their arms around each other.

The second one was much smaller than the frame.

It was an easily recognizable shot, she knew that, as Liam eyed the black and white blur.

She was sure he knew what it meant. What was it. Who was there…

"Wh- What's this?" His voice hitched as he searched her eyes. He wanted to hear it from her. He wasn't mad, just as nervous to hear it as much as she was to finally tell him.

"That" She started as she pointed to the first frame as she sat on his left knee "Is the first photograph we took as a couple" Liam's eyes move to hers, urging her to tell him what he already knew "The second one, is the first photo of your son…or daughter. I'm pregnant"

She saw him swallow and release the breath he was holding.

Liam closed his eyes briefly and as he opened them, looking at her, his whole face lightened up. Mirroring him, she smiled widely, as relief for finally telling him, evaded her.

"Are you completely, absolutely sure?" He asked her, his eyes brighter and his smile taking almost all of his face. She nodded.

"One hundred percent" She assured him. Then in one rapid move, he made her bend her head to kiss her fiercely on the lips.

They decided to try for a baby pretty much since they saw Lucas, Fred and Vivienne's son, in the hospital as he was born. But at the same time, they were both aware that it was something that usually took time, so they never thought it would happen so soon after.

At first and as she found herself feeling tired, dizzy, nauseated and also with a running nose, she brushed it off like some sort of bug she caught somewhere.

When her period didn't come, she brought one of those pregnancy tests they sell. It came out negative.

If Lily could, she avoided going to the doctor but as her nose cleared and the rest of the symptoms remained, she went to one, explaining her situation.

In less than ten minutes, she found herself lying down on a white table, looking at the ultrasound monitor, seeing their baby for the first time.

"We are going to be late for dinner" He told her as he lay on top of her on the bed, his forearms lying on the each side of her head, taking up his all weight "Best. Present. Ever" He said kissing her smiling lips between words "Good luck! It will be hard to top this one next year" She laughed and pulled him to her

"I've been thinking about it for weeks… As I saw him on the monitor, the idea just popped inside my head" Her right hand took his left one off the bed, making him lay on his side, and Lily guided it to her stomach. They were both in aw for a moment, their hands on top of her middle as they let the news settle in.

She was pregnant. They were going to be parents.

"Her…" He said suddenly, making her confused eyes shot to his

"Sorry?" Liam looked down at her stomach as his, now warm, hand started to move around

"You said you saw him on the monitor" He explained "I'm telling you, you saw her. It's a girl" He said, confidence on his voice. Lily laughed

"How can you be so sure? Even the doctor said he couldn't see it. I'm only about ten weeks long"

"I was there, you know" He said moving his eyes from her middle to her face "When we made this. I was there, I know what I did and it's a girl"

They were both on the nine cloud, their wide grins were evident, the brightness of the eyes and even the mood around them, transpired happiness "You just made me, without a doubt, the happiest man alive" He said

And she knew it, she knew it because she could read it in him and because she could feel it to.

A long time ago, Caroline said to her 'If it's yours, it will come back to you'. Now, with Liam as her husband, with his arms around her as he kissed her stomach where their daughter was, she couldn't agree more.

The End.

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