Some people say that the world is a mysterious place, those people are right, because co-existing with our human world is a whole different realm, a world full of magic and mystery. It's name? Belaron.

Twenty years ago a dark sorcerer emerged and decided that he was going to join our world with Belaron, he decided that both realms would collide and that earth would be cleansed of all non magic users they would be destroyed.

Thankfully the said Sorcerer was defeated, I know because I helped fight him, and when he was felled it was said that all of his followers died instantly. Citizens of Belaron celebrated believing that a new era had finally begun, but they were wrong.

One of the followers survived, his name and identity are unknown, but he is searching for the key to destruction and rebirth, the power of Aether which resides in one Citizen of Belaron, should he succeed in finding her our world as we know it will end and all of us humans will die.

This is where the story begins, during the search for the Aether in Belaron...